10 Best Comedy Series of Netflix You must Watch in 2021

Best Netflix Series December 2021

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Netflix comedy shows have grown a lot popular over time. For leisure and even at late nights these shows can cheer you up. Check out the best 10 Comedy Series on Netflix to watch in 2021 –

1. The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019)

Lots of comedy mixing with science makes the best recipe for a funny show. Two best buddies who happen to be physicists at CalTech and their journey with their friends – is all about the show. Love and hate can simultaneously reside together which The Big Bang Theory portraited nicely. Speaking of the brilliant roles, The two physicists live across their optimistic actress friend. The group also includes aerospace engineers, astrophysicists, neuroscientists, microbiologists, and a few more.

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)

Bankrupt-rapper and dancer Will Smith began his acting career playing a version of himself as a street-smart and self-amazed teenager. Will was sent to live with his rich Aunt to be a better person in Bel-Air, Los Angeles. However, there is a thin line that differentiates working-class and upper-class attitudes. Can will overcome that?

3. The IT Crowd (2006-2013)

One of the popular cult hit British shows is The IT Crowd where two of the most socially weird IT professionals work with their manager. The fun starts when you get that the manager is nothing but a Tech-oblivious person who holds an office in the untidy basement and the show goes on.

4. Lady Dynamite (2016-2017)

Bipolar disordered stand-up comedian takes six months to recover. Later he moves back to Los Angeles to have her life from the scratch. As the show progresses, She shares her stories with others. Maria Bamford plays the main character.

5. Lovesick (2014-2018)

Johnny Flynn, after a lot of romantic attachments, realizes that he has Chlamydia. Now all he wants to do is to inform his previous coitus mates. His two housemates and friends are with him on this quest. The question is How will they approach? Find the answer on the show.

6. Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

The story begins when a wealthy family suffers a bad fortune where they lose almost everything. A video store magnate and a former opera star have to rebuild their life with their two adult children in a tiny town. This tiny town was purchased once as a funny gift for the son.

7. Still Game (2002-2019)

After a happy life, two best friends are now at their retirement in Glasgow, Scotland. The two pensioners suffer a lot to cope up with modern life. This British cult hit has a number of highest best episodes in seasons 1, 3, 4, and 6.


8. Kim’s Convenience (2016-2021)

It’s all about a Korean-Canadian family – Appa, Umma, and the daughter Janet. The family runs a convenience store in Toronto. However, the son, Jung, doesn’t stay with the parents anymore. The daily life of the family, their business, friends, and manager make a great deal of comedy in the show.

9. Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969-1974)

Remember the influential British comedy group comprised of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, and Terry Gilliam? In a very intellectual way, the group sketched their life on the island. Not to mention the gravity of the humor the show has, the term “Pythonesque” was introduced.

10. Derry Girls (2018 – Present)

Five school friends who were against Nothern Ireland’s tensions back in the 90s. They took the challenges of being teenagers and live life to the fullest. Thus completes season 2 and season 3 is on the way.

Wrapping Up

Netflix lets you stream some of the best comedy shows and these are the ones, you should have a look at in 2021. Not to mention, there’s more in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more updates about Best Netflix Comedy Series 2021.

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