15 Player Lobbies and More Updates on Among Us

15 Player Lobby is now in Among Us

Among Us, The social deduction game has celebrated its 3rd Birthday on June 15 with an update of several new features. Let’s see what’s new on Among Us-

15-Player for Lobbies

To celebrate the birthday occasion, Among Us came with a 15 player lobby which available to everyone now. Apart from that, the art style has been improved with some graphics enhancements.

New Player Colors

As the number of players has increased in the lobby, the game has now six new colors, they are- Tan, Grey, Banana, Rose, Maroon, and Coral. The color strokes are smooth and seem awesome to portray a loyal crew and/or an imposter at the same time.

Kill Screen Meeting Menu

The new kill screen meeting menu has been integrated as soon as someone dies and someone else is reporting that. As you don’t keep track of kills and so, this will surely help you to determine kills and more.

Honk Horn on Airship

Now you can honk the horn on the Airship. If you are going to stabilize the steering as your task, you can horn the honk. Not a big deal but it’s interesting.

Downloading on Google Play

To keep the download size smaller Among Us team has divided assets from the base game. As a result, firstly you get to download the base game from the Play Store, and later the assets are downloaded when you open the game for the first time.

Future Updates

As for the future updates, Among Us developers noted down a lot of things. In the upcoming days, you will be seeing 4K BEAN Graphics Mobile Controller support.

As some people might have issues with seeing and identifying colors, the developers will add something new to refer your mates soon, as mentioned in Among Us blog.

Wrapping Up

Among Us is a very popular game right now. Recently the game reached a 2 Million active players on PCs. The community is growing with the game. Among Us will be available on Xbox and PlayStation soon. Are you ready in 15 Player Lobbies to get some Imposters in Among Us?

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