5 Best Android Games to Try Even in 2021

5 Best Android Games 2021

Mobile Gaming is one of the most popular entertainment options right now. Millions of mobile gamers are out there playing each day. There are games entertaining gamers for years even. Here’re 5 best Android games you should try even in 2021-

This is a list of games you can pick alongside popular ones like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Asphalt 9, and so on…

1. Pokémon Go

Pricing: Free | Download Now!

There were times when Pokémon cards ruled. The popular cartoon show Pokémon is evergreen as always. Kids, teenagers, even young people can’t resist owning a Pikachu for real.
Pokémon card was a consolation back in those days, as it’s hard to make things possible sometimes. However, there’s Augmented reality now and with Pokémon Go, Oh boy!

Pokémon Go has been designed from the concept of the cartoon show Pokémon. This Nintendo-published game has everything to make you feel like a real Pokémon trainer. Here, Trainers have to catch Pokémon and complete certain battles for Gym ownership. You can rest at Pokéstops, and go for small missions as well. Not to mention, Pokémon Unite is coming soon as well.

2016 released, Pokémon Go is still on this list just because people really like this game. It’s not about having a soft-corner for Pokémon rather the game being so interesting. There are several new features that come with newer updates every time that prevent games from being outdated. The AR mode is awesome. If you haven’t checked out the game yet, Get a life, and Download Pokémon Go. You’re welcome!

2. Donut County

Pricing: $4.99 | Download Now!

Speaking of Indie games, Donut County was the best game of 2018 and has been polished several times to hold the glory till now. Well, the game is for fun. Simple but developed very brilliantly. This addictive game will hold you for hours without you even noticing.

To specify addictive as a game, the storyline is very epic, Player here, is actually a hole that engulfs everything that comes in front. However, smaller things are to gulped down first. As you eat, you get more hungry. To survive you need to eat more. Eating more eventually leads to an increase in size and with that demand for food increases. At times, even huge hills won’t be enough for you and the game goes on. Once you’re into it, you can prevent yourself from playing it.

3. Grid Autosport

Pricing: Free / $9.99 | Download Now!

If you are into racing games, Grid Autosport has to be on your list in 2021. Do you know what’s amazing about Grid Autosport? The game comes with no advertisements at all providing racers with a non-stop racing experience.

How’s 100 tracks sound to you as a racer? Yes, Grid Autosport has more than 100 tracks to race so that you get dynamic experience while racing for hours. A number of cars are there to choose from. Racers will get a realistic feel while racing as the game is based on a simulation module to make things more lively. The game is very soothing with controllers and you have training modes to prepare yourself.

4. Genshin Impact

Pricing: Free | Download Now!

Genshin Impact is one of the most exciting free games out there on Android. Even in 2020, the game has been selected as the Best Mobile of the Year by a lot of reviewers. This action-oriented RPG game has Gacha mechanics with awesome graphics and intuitive gameplay.

The Gacha system and Party system allow gamers to unlock new characters and features. Open-world gameplay makes Genshin Impact acceptable to everyone with a challenging gaming motivation.

5. Doom II

Pricing: $4.99 | Download Now!

Remember Doom? Doom II is one of the finest games Bethesda made to this date. The original game was released 30 years ago and yet has its place on multiple platforms. This first-person shooter game has several tough Bosses that you need to fight off.

Technologically the game is not so updated to look at initially but the gameplay will give you a scary vibe that you won’t find on other games. Microsoft-owned, Bethesda fixed a number of controller issues as addressed before and now the game has intuitive controls. Speaking of the game not so updated to look before, you can play at 90-120 fps and even with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Still, waiting or downloading the game?

Bonus Game for Time Pass along with 5 best Android games of 2021-

Godzilla Battle Line

Pricing: Free | Download Now!

Godzilla Battle Line is a strategic game inspired by the movie Godzilla. The gist of the game is, Players, pick their monsters and fight with other players and their monsters.

However, monsters have their own act. That leaves you with, how efficiently you pick your monster against someone else’s. Your victory is determined by how efficiently you choose your monster and eventually the strength of your monster against others. Not to mention, you can prepare your monster by upgrading their powers and provide them with weapons and so before going for a battle. The game is not a complex one, but you can have wonderful leisure playing.

Wrapping Up

Mobile Gaming is on another level right now. With time, Gaming has evolved and people don’t play games for fun only. Gaming is all about challenges, pushing yourself to the edges, and make buddies for life. Thus, the 5 best Android games of 2021 has been listed above.

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