5 Features That Might Make You Switch to Telegram in 2021

5 Features of Telegram

Telegram is now one of the popular picks when it comes to picking a messaging app. After Facebook decided to share data among WhatsApp and Facebook, Telegram seems more reliable with user privacy and security.

Like many, if you decided to switch to Telegram. Here are 5 features that made Telegram awesome in 2021-

1. Telegram Channels

There are limitations on groups of other messaging apps. Telegram has something more interesting called Channels. Here you can add as many people as you want. Even people can search for public channels within the app.

Using Channel on Telegram, you can broadcast messages. All messages sent on a Channel go by the name of the Channel’s and individual identity remains private. If you want a message to be important and shouldn’t go unnoticed, you can pin the at the top of the channel.

To Pin a message at the top of the channel, Send the message to the Channel and Tap on the message, you will be seeing an option to Pin the message. Tap on the option to Pin and the message stays at the top of the channel window.

2. Secret Chat

Speaking of privacy and security, Telegram offers user-to-server data encryption, where WhatsApp and Signal have user-to-user data encryption. Furthermore, there is something called Secret Chat on Telegram. This feature offers top-notch end-to-end encryption with some other functionalities as well.

Once you have initiated a Secret Chat you can set a timer from one second to one week so that messages can self-destruct as soon as their time expires. That gives you enough freedom to determine how long you want a chat to live.

You can’t forward texts, screenshots, or even any kind of screen recordings of messages on a Secret Chat. Right now, Secret Chat is a one-to-one conversational feature and doesn’t work for groups.

To initiate a Secret Chat, select a contact and head to the respective chatbox. Then tap on the Three Dot Menu residing at the top right corner. A drop-down menu will pop up and tap on the Secret Chat option from there. Now follow on-screen instructions and thus you will be able to start a Secret Chat on Telegram.

3. Delete Messages from Sender’s Device

Privacy is a concern on Telegram. As such, if someone sends you a sensitive message you can delete that for yourself and from the sender’s device as well, even the message was sent to you by the Sender. That’s what privacy sounds like!

To delete messages from Sender’s device, Select the message from the Sender> tap the Delete button> Check the Also Delete for Option with Sender’s name> and hit Delete.

4. No More Getting Added to Unwanted Groups

Telegram now provides more control to the users. You can select that who can add you to any group without your permission. Thus you don’t get added to groups that you don’t want to. Even people can’t put you in annoying situations by adding you to other groups.

To turn on the feature, go to Settings> Privacy and Security> Groups> My Contacts> Never Allow

5. Locking Chats

Sometimes end-to-end encryption isn’t enough. What if someone has got your phone unlocked? To secure your chats with others or important persons, Telegram allows you to lock the chats. You have to use a passcode in order to lock your chats. When you enable the feature you can lock your chats anytime by pressing the little lock button at the top right corner of the app. among the 5 features of Telegram, this one promises the most security.

To enable the feature, jump to Settings> Privacy and Security> Passcode Lock and toggle the slider to turn it on. Put your passcode, confirm your Passcode again and you’re done.

Wrapping Up

There are 5 features of Telegram that you might like as Telegram is a privacy concern app right now. Above all, most of the features that Telegram offers are privacy-oriented and intuitive for anyone. You can go for Telegram even in 2021 and you won’t regret it because you will be getting more freedom even on a messaging app that you haven’t thought of before.

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