5 Privacy Questions Answered by Google

Questions Answered by Google regarding user privacy

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When it comes to user privacy, Google is one of the companies that putting its thought into the matter these days. In this era, Privacy is a major concern for all. Google has been asked a lot about its policies regarding user privacy. Google answered these five questions recently –

1. Does Google use personal information to show specific ads?

Well, Google clearly said that they never use personal and/or sensitive information or content to show ads. That being said, it seems your personal information, like your health, religion, race, etc is safe with Google. You can restrict this information from others as well.

2. Does Gmail, Drive, and Photos show any impact on the personalized ads?

The company says no. Google offers Gmail, Drive, and Photos to be designed for users to store their personal content. Google has no interest at whatsoever you store. Therefore, Gmail, Drive, and Photos are safe to use from the point of privacy.

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3. Can Google Ads be controlled?

Yes, you can control what ads Google will show you. You can totally turn off the personalized ads as well. However, you cannot stop Google from showing ads to you. Even if you turn off all personalized ads, Google will show other ads to you with the same frequency.

4. Can I know what Google knows about me?

Certainly, you can. You can check the Google Dashboard against your Google account. The dashboard contains all the information that Google has collected so far.

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5. Does Google Assistant always listening?

No, According to Google, the Google Assistant is nothing but a virtual assistant. Until and unless you activate the assistant with your voice command, it remains on standby mode. Furthermore, Whatever you say to the assistant doesn’t go to Google. Apart from that, if you’re more concerned, you can command the assistant to delete your activity and it will do that for you as well.

Wrapping Up

Privacy is your right and you should not make any compromise with it. You have the authority to know who accessed your information and who doesn’t. Google is willing to help users with more privacy and transparency with their policies. However, there are some loops and holes but that will take some time to cover. Stay tuned for more such updates like Questions Answered by Google.

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