6G after 5G Advanced: Traditional 5G is the Past Now

6G and 5G Advanced Mobile Tower

Image by – Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

How about 6G? You see, 5G has been launched for a while now. A certain portion of the population is enjoying the facility while compatible devices are getting cheaper. Coverage expanding gradually, however, 6G and 5G Advanced are coming.


Each wireless generation lasts for a decade at least. 6G is supposed to take a long time from now to come. It seems in 2029, the deployment will start. Researchers are interested and to some extent working to develop 6G technology right now.

When 6G gets a shape, 5G won’t be the center of attraction anymore. Recently, a group of researchers from a mentionable number of companies had a meeting to discuss 5G advanced. A marketing policy or a glimpse of 6G, What do you think?

To settle this confusion, Tingfang Ji, Senior Director of Engineering at Qualcomm, put some light into the discussion. Not to mention, Tingfang Ji filed more than 800 patents at Qualcomm.

The 6G idea

Looking back to the recent past, 4G came with an improvement in the data transfer rate. 4G actually initiated the speed boost in wireless technology and 5G, right now, is enhancing the concept. On top of that 5G improved more stable connectivity.

You can connect more devices without compromising performance with the technology. 6G is beyond that and that’s how new technology takes over the older ones. 6G will feature a speed boost along with the capability to observe what’s around you.

Well, you might be thinking isn’t 5G doing the same right now? The answer is, 5G does determine your location with an advanced GPS system but we’re talking about something more specific and discrete.

6G will let your phone detect which devices are around you and what they can offer to you. It’s like a blending of physical and virtual worlds. All those Sci-fi movies that you see, when someone walks somewhere and a device gives details about everything around, 6G will be more like that.

“You can actually sense the environment, so it should be more powerful.”

 – Tingfang Ji

Current wireless technology offers huge speed but a limited range. it does the job. How does the Terahertz spectrum sound to you? Like 1,000 times than a Gigahertz frequency? It’s worth mentioning that frequency doesn’t correspond to speed, nevertheless, you should get an idea of what 6G will deal with.

Then What’s 5G Advanced?

6G is getting started, it’s more like ideas and concepts right now. In the meantime, 5G is developing with some advancements to the core concepts as well, which makes the 5G Advanced. The advanced 5G will show up within the next two years.

“5G Advanced gives us a second chance to look at the fundamental tradeoffs inside 5G.”

 – Tingfang Ji

There are more than 50 areas to improve the technology, however, researchers have narrowed that down to 20. Qualcomm proposes integrating machine learning into 5G. Subsequent network improvements for seamless use of IoT.

There’re 700 companies, including Apple, Google, and Huawei that shares the same view regarding the improvement of 5G.

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 – Xplnrs

Wrapping Up

5G isn’t available to everyone right now. The reason behind the issue is the aforementioned development of the existing technology. Therefore, it’s less about 5G and more about the upgrades that come along. Stay tuned for more 6G and 5G Advanced updates.


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