Among Us is Getting Popular: 2M Active Player on PC

Among US the Popular Game

Among Us, the Popular brain-teasing social game, has reached the milestone of 2 Million active users on PC recently as soon as the game rolled Free on Epic Games Store.

The Milestone of 2M

The social anticipation game Among Us is getting popular day by day. Till June 3, the game was made free in the mega sale event of Epic Games. Thus PC gamers chose not to regret by ditching the opportunity of playing the pc-version of the game for free. Turns out, People liked it. They not only liked it, but they also fall for it.

Back in 2018, Among Us was released by InnerSloth. Soon enough the game made its place on several platforms. Cross-platform availability added an extra feather to its popularity hat.

The community director of InnerSloth tweeted that before the game was offered free, the daily player count was 350k. At the end of May, Among Us hit the 2 Million player count only on PC-version. Thus it’s pointing that Among Us is growing on other platforms simultaneously with a higher rate as well.

The Epic Mega Sale

Epic Games has interesting mega sale offer right now. For this mega sale, if you sign up, you will get a $10 coupon that you can use to buy any game costing at least $14.99.

As soon as you purchase a game with the above-mentioned facility, you will be getting another coupon of the same kind. Through the whole mega sale period, Epic Games is offering one mystery game for free each week. Among Us was a free game during this Mega Sale for a week.

Upcoming Availability

A Proverb goes, ‘Good News comes in pair.’ InnerSloth and PlayStation announced that later in 2021, Among Us will be available on PS4 and PS5 consoles. Furthermore, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S will have Among Us included soon.

The game currently supports on Android, iOS, Windows, and Nintendo Switch with cross-platform multiplayer support.

Wrapping Up

Among Us is a popular Brain teasing Social Deduction game. Having simple navigation and requiring mindful tricks made this game an outstanding one. Give it a try and thank us later.

Comment below which Among Us Map you liked the most. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

– Xplnrs

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