Android 12: What’s new in newly designed Android OS?

Android 12 Redesigned

Android 12 recently got a lot of attention as seen from the keynote in Google I/O 2021. Several new Google products came out but Android 12 was the star of the show. Let’s see what’s coming new-

Android 12 beta has been launched. You will be glad to know that there will be an entirely new screen coming up with Android 12. Everything will be redesigned in the upcoming OS.

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Colors and Shades

Colors make things lively, so does Android. Previously, theme colors needed to be adjusted by you. In Android 12, you will not be doing that. Starting from buttons to tiles every color and every shade will be matching your theme and wallpaper to portray your personality.

Interestingly, every time you change your wallpaper or theme, your Android 12 device pick that up to re-color everything even widgets, icons, highlights, and so on. Next time you won’t be needing an icon pack.

  • What if you don’t like how Android 12 customizes colors for you?

– Well, you can always go for manual adjustments. Android 12 will not hold you back. Your phone, your decision. You can do whatever you like, this is Android!

Lock Screen

The lock screen has redesigned on Android 12. The always-on-display has a new clock now. The clock remains in the middle of the screen. The lock screen when lights up show a clock that goes with your lock screen picture and AOD clock.

When you get a notification the clock shrinks to make room for the notification. The transition is very smooth as the clock shrinks to the upper left corner of the screen. Thus you will never have an unnoticed notification ever.

Transitions and Animations

Android 12 will make your phone alive. Transitions and animations have got the responsibility. Do you know if press the power button to wake your phone the animation and transition will start from the location corresponding to the power button? Do not feel amazed, because if you lift your phone from your desk, the transition will be starting from the button, and unlocking the phone with a fingerprint scanner will locate the fingerprint’s position to complete the smooth transition. Don’t you get it, Android 12 will do this everywhere?

Notification Panel

The notification section is not completed yet. Besides AOD and lock screen notification, the whole notification panel has been redesigned on this version of Android. Redesigning does not mean adjusting alignments, firstly you will be seeing a new rounded-rectangular shape app icon instead of the circular ones which will house more information in the notification drop-down. Previously six notifications were showed initially but now four notifications will be there at the first pull, on the second pulling off the panel will house another four more notifications for you with much information in them. Not to mention, the custom color and theme all over the device includes the notification panel as well.


Android is awesome when it comes to customization. If you look at a couple of tech-savvy’s Android devices you will find a couple of customization which is mostly not identical to each other because Android offers you full control of customizations. Android 12 is not different from that rather going to be the most user-friendly one in terms of customization.

Speaking of tech-savvy’s customized Android, the new version of Android is easy to use for all. Therefore, you can customize your device without happening to be tech-savvy. You have the ability to customize visual transitions, layouts, even third-party extensions of an app by yourself. All these things will be at your fingertip and so unique that a simple tweak will make noticeable customizations.

Settings & Other Menus

Android 12 comes with one-handed usage compatibility. Like One UI, now when you open your settings, you will find everything within your reach. Toggling something on and off will show highlights to grab your attention. Ditching circular icons, there will be rounded rectangular shapes which is system-wide a new thing even in built-in apps, widgets, keyboards, and so on. Need to say again, Custom colors also apply here. In fact, the colors will be everywhere.

Is That All About Android 12?

Definitely, no. Android 12 is in beta right now. There will be several tweaks and adjustments. When OS comes, after a few months definitely there will be more options and features than right now it has. You can sign up to use the beta version. Android 12 public beta is live to download and for sign-ups.

Wrapping Up

After all these, Android 12 will be a curiosity for the next few months to all. There will be several updates on what’s getting included and what’s not every now and then. Stay tuned so that you never miss an update.

Comment below what you like most about Android 12. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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