Android 13 “Tiramisu”: All Leaks and Rumors So Far

Android 13 All Leaks and Rumors So Far

Android 12 is getting ready to roll within a few days. In the meantime, Android 13 has several leaks and rumors out there. Let’s have a look at those –


Recently, Google decided to name Android 13 “Tiramisu.” This version of Android will allow secondary users to navigate through the OS more efficiently. You see, a lot of Android devices now have secondary user profiles that were released several years ago. However, with the advancement of technology and intuitiveness, secondary user profiles are getting popular these days. Google is thinking of taking this to another level.

Secondary NFC Payment

As the discussion is more conceptual so Android 13 may offer more. For the time, Google will allow secondary users to use NFC seamlessly for payments and other operations. Previously, such a feature wasn’t there. As Google Pay and other e-wallets are getting popular these days and people prefer to go cashless, Google is working on the feature.

People now share devices with family members or even at the office with colleagues. Therefore, it is effective to have separate payment options for every user of the device.

Image by – XDA-Developers

Setup Secondary Profile on Android 13

According to concepts, the Setup of the Secondary Profile is under the settings menu on Android 13. You will be able to tweak the options by navigating through Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > NFC > Contactless payments. Once you allow secondary profiles there, all the secondary users will be able to use the feature on Android 13. It is worth mentioning that, whether these options will be featured on Android 12 or not, isn’t clear yet.

Wrapping Up

Android 13 is nothing but some concepts right now. Therefore, very little information is out there about the future Android OS. Stay tuned for future leaks and rumors of Android 13.

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