Apple AirTag: Here’s Everything You should Know

Apple AirTag: Here's Everything to Know

Apple has released their AirTags shortly. The Apple AirTag offers more than you can imagine. AirTags are enriched with a number of tracking features. Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple AirTags-

The Design

Apple AirTag is a small circular and very lightweight tracker. The overall body is made of polished stainless steel. The Tags are IP67 rated dust and water-resistant. A built-in speaker system is there. There is a removable cover on the AirTag which lets the user to replace the battery when worn out.


To connect the Apple AirTag with your Apple device, Just keep the AirTag closer to your iPhone. The iPhone will connect the AirTag with it automatically. You can rename your AirTag according to your need.


You can have a custom design on your AirTag. Apple offers users to chose from 31 emojis or any piece of text. Chosen emoji or text will be engraved on your Tags. The customization has to be done during the purchase from any Apple Online or Offline store. This customization is free of cost of course.

Tracking with Bluetooth

As soon as AirTag is done setting up, you can find it in the Find My App. The AirTag will be seen under the New Items menu. If you lost your AirTag within the Bluetooth range you can play sound on it using the Find My App. You can ask Siri to find your AirTag as well. In that case, Siri will command the AirTag to play sound if it is within the range.

Tracking with U1 Chip

Apple AirTags have Apple’s own designed U1 chip in it. The Tags also uses Ultra-wideband technology. As a result, very precise Finding options are there for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. This precise tracking will tell you the distance and direction of the AirTags when it comes within the range. When you move more closer to the AirTag, you can be able to use AR to find your AirTag. The accelerometer and gyroscope will lead you more accurately with the AR visual. At the same time, You can choose to have haptic feedback to guide you with the location. There is also sound feedback that will update you with a message saying like “AirTag is 3 feet away on your right.” This is also an accessibility feature for people with visual issues.

What if you are out of the Range of your AirTag?

Well, still you will be able to track it. The Find My App will use its Networking feature to communicate with other Apple devices even if they are offline. That network will notify you as soon as any Apple device is within the range of your AirTag. Don’t worry, Only you will be notified even if some other Apple device traced it for you. This Find My Network works 100% anonymously and totally a privacy-enriched feature.

What if Someone else got Your AirTag?

Well, In that case, You have to place the AirTag into Lost Mode. If you come within the range it will notify you. If someone else found it, they can use their iPhone to have your contact information from the AirTag. In that case, you need to provide your contact information before losing it. According to Apple, if the AirTag is away from its owner for three days then the tracker will start to play a sound to grab the attention of other people.

What if you found an AirTag but don’t have an Apple device with you?

In this scenario, You can use your Android device to get the owner’s information. If your Andriod device offers NFC, then turn it on and place the white surface of the AirTag at the back of your Andriod device. Hold it for a while and in the notification panel, you will see a notification. Tapping on that will lead you to the website where Owner’s information and contact details will be displayed.

Wrapping Up

The Apple Airtag is the long-awaited trackers that everyone expected to come into the market. Apple AirTags are awesome trackers that will never let you lose your belongings. Starting from your Keys to anything you like, you just attach an AirTag with it, and you are done. AirTags will be available from April 30. You can order from this Friday as well. An AirTag costs only $29. However, If you buy a pack of 4 AirTags that will cost you $99.

Comment below if you know something new about the Apple AirTags. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us, What you want us to cover next. We will be Happy to hear from our Friends!

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