Apple has been Fined $2M for not including Charger in the Box

$2M fined for not including a charger! Apple?

Yes, this really happened. Brazil’s consumer protection organization has just fined Apple. Because of the exclusion of charging breaks with the iPhone 12 models. Apple defended saying that the reduction of carbon emission was their intention.  

Carbon Emission Point

Back in 2020, while releasing iPhone 12, Apple did not include a charging adapter in the box. The exclusion of Adapters and such items in the box needs plastic packaging. People throw their old adaptors when they get a new one. This increases the amount of carbon emission as soon as a new product is sold. At the same time, more items in the box need more packaging for the items to be shipped properly, increasing more plastics to deliver to the customers. Being concerned about the environment, Apple decided to avoid shipping a charger with iPhone 12. 

But Apple never said anything about any price cut for the adapter. On the other hand, In Brazil iPhone 12 Pro Max costs nearly a little more than USD 2,500. In the US the same product price starts at $999 and buying the highest specs might cost no more than $1,399. When Apple was questioned by Brazil’s consumer protection organization, Apple responded with the carbon emission thing and nothing else. 

Apple needs to review the price as there is something not included in the box, said Brazil’s consumer protection organization. However, Apple’s logic was not found to be an effective one. Apple is bluffing its consumers, claims the consumer protection organization. 

Charger Issues

iPhone 11 owners have a 5-watt charging break which is not sufficient to charge iPhone 12 effectively. Those who are trying to shift from an android device to iPhone 12 models will face the same issue more or less. Because iPhone 12 needs a minimum of a 20-watt adapter to charge within 2 hours. Apple advertised its fast charging features of the iPhone 12. But who’s going to pay for this 20W adapter if Apple has not sold them the previous years?

Looking back to the previous year’s models, iPhone owners do not have a USB-C to lightning cable. Except for iPhone 11 owners, every other iPhone owner has a USB-A to lightning cable. Among all the iPhone users, around 60% own iPhone 11 models right now. There is very little chance for an iPhone 11 owner to switch to iPhone 12 models. But, the Other 40% with much older models are more intended to buy the iPhone 12. A power break is not an ever-lasting item. Therefore, most of the people among that 40% might need a new adaptor with a new phone. However, even if they have the power break, that is not a USB-C to lightning cable.

The Price Tag

Apple advertises a $19 purchase for a 20W adapter on their website. At the same time, $999 for a newer iPhone 12 base model. Therefore if someone wants a new iPhone 12 must pay a total of $1018. This is not saving carbon emissions. Here a person needs to buy a phone and a charger. Both the items will come in two separate packages. Each package will contain the necessary amount of plastics and other materials to properly wrap the item in it.

People are disappointed with Apple’s decision regarding the exclusion of the Adapter. Someone who can spend $999 to buy a phone can have the ability to buy a $19 charger for the safety and better care for the device – which can be logical to the critics. But spending $999 for a Flagship Phone and not getting a Charger with it, is that even logical!

Other Issues

Apple was accused of illogical advertisement since iPhone 11 models. They refused few owners with their repair services. They have said a lot about their IP68 certifications on water and dust resistance on devices. But Several water-damaged devices were not taken back for repair by Apple even if they were under warranties. Therefore, It clearly states that Apple’s declaration on IP68 certification is not valid. Apple is less concerned about after-sale services. A lot of customers complain the same. Apple customer care services take a longer time to respond. There are several terms and conditions to avail the repairing under warranties even.

Wrapping up

Thus several complaints led Apple to be fined. Apple is one of the leading smartphone brands. Being a very much popular brand, a huge number of people are fans of Apple products. Their fast and seamless devices attract people to spend money on them. But Quality over Quantity is a must to hold the popularity as well as the business. This fine will not shake Apple that much but this could be a wake-up call for apple to take care of what they say and what they offer to the customers who all made Apple so great!

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