Ask These Before Getting a Fiber Internet Connection

Ask These Before Getting a Fiber Internet Connection

Fiber internet connection is a must these days if you want to seamlessly use the faster internet. There are several plans to pick the best according to your needs. Here are some essential aspects you have to focus on during getting a fiber internet connection-

Service Charge & Schedule

Some people often raise their eyebrows when they hear about service charges. Then there are internet service providers who ask for insane amounts after the installation as you did not ask them before. Therefore this is really necessary for you to get to know the installation charges and when your ISP will work on your setup. As a result, you get to prepare yourself for the consequences and initial payments. 

Buying Now and Returning After Use

This might sound awkward but some providers will ask you to buy their preferable modem or router for better service. However, buying the item sometimes does not refer to it as yours. There are internet service providers with rules that you need to buy a modem when you get the connection and you need to return that when you opt-out to some other providers. You will be surprised later if you do not ask initially about these deals. For better understanding, you can also ask for an item’s specs and features so that you can be confident that you’re investing in the right thing. 

Shared IP or Dedicated IP Address

Ask your provider about your IP address. If they offered you a shared IP Address that means the same IP address will be used by some other people as well and you need to share the speed and availability with them. If they offer you a dedicated IP address, you will get your dedicated speed. You will have a dedicated gateway, which is much secured and reliable. Generally, you can get a designated IP address by paying a few more bucks. All the providers have such a scheme more or less. 

Internet Speed

There are two types of speeds in an internet connection namely- Download speed and upload speed. Internet service providers may define their offered speed in a lot of ways. Like download speed, dedicated speed, or peak speed, and so on. Better you ask them about the scheme and understand what you’re availing for yourself.

Device Limit

Don’t forget to ask your providers how many devices can be connected without compromising the speed of your plan. You know, modems or routers have a certain limit as well as your connection to provide seamlessly and required bandwidth to be used. You might get that right before your entire family suffers from buffering issues. 

Data Distribution

Even if you’re on an unlimited data plan, ask whether they have any limit as fair use. Usually, some internet service providers will reduce your speed to half when you cross the fair use limit even if you are paying for an unlimited package. Do have a check on that. 

Furthermore, if you’re getting a limited connection, make sure what happens with your unused data. Ask your providers whether they are going to carry forward those unused data to the next month or not. 

Check Reviews

In this regard, check reviews of your service provider on their website or social media. To avoid any kind of fraudulent situation, check thoroughly how your chosen service providers are. Check other offers or plans, Customer care response timing, services, and supports. Most importantly performance in the market. This might cost you some time but you will not regret it in the future. 

Wrapping Up

Internet Service Providers offer a lot of packages designed for certain people. If you ask them about their services they will be happy to answer you. You should know what you are getting. There might be misconceptions and misunderstandings if providers and clients do not clear their deals. It is not wrong to ask what you will be paying for. 

Comment below which modem or router you prefer. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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