ASUS ExpertBook B9: The Lightest Business Laptop

ASUS ExpertBook B9

ExpertBook B9 is the latest release from ASUS. This business laptop is the world’s lightest yet powerful laptop right now. On January 14, 2021, ASUS came with the ExpertBook B9. Let’s check this out- 

Build Quality

The 14-inch ExpertBook B9 has a magnesium-lithium alloy chassis that weighs no more than 880g. The laptop is only 14.9mm thick. Such a sophisticated device is able to go through all your official hassles without any hick-ups.

The laptop is aesthetically robust and will be able to survive rough handling as well. The overall B9 looks premium and nothing feels cheap in this device. Every finishing is very precise and smooth.

Screen and Display

ASUS ExpertBook Pro comes with a 14-inch NanoEdge display with a 94% screen-to-body ratio and Anti-glare. The bezels are 4mm around the main screen. The Anti-glare confirms unwanted reflections, vibrant colors, and adaptive brightness to reduce eye strain even after working for hours on it.
However, the display is a Full HD 1920 x 1080p with a 16:9 aspect ratio that offers 400 nits brightness and 100% sRGB.

Keyboard and TrackPad

ASUS has done a brilliant job by integrating the number pad within the trackpad and allows to toggle in between them with a dedicated key on the top right corner of the touchpad. The trackpad also contains a key to toggle brightness modes at the top left corner.
The ExpertBook B9 keyboard has got a lot for you. The keyboard is spill-resistant up to 66cc of liquid without any damages. There is a bright backlight that gives a better typing experience in almost all light conditions with a 1.5mm key-travel distance.

The laptop is a precise example of excellent engineering, The ergo lift-hinge lifts the laptop to a certain level so that you can get the best tilt angle on your keyboard for comfortable typing for hours. You will never have to buy any after-market accessories for your hand rest or so. The function keys have more customized options to control and manage your laptop. There are shortcuts for particular functions like screengrab, activating webcam, access to MYASUS, and so on instantly.

Sound & Audio

ExpertBook B9 has the best audio experience on a laptop right now. There are Harman/Kardon-certified speakers, smart-amplifier technology, omnidirectional far-field microphones, and so on. You can have an advanced cinematic sound experience here.
If you are expecting next-level noise cancellation and audio for online meetings and conferences then this laptop is the laptop you need. There is an AI-powered noise-cancellation technology that uses precise machine-learning techniques to filter every noise around you and enhances your voice. If you are in a place with other people you can activate the feature with a shortcut key as well.

I/O Ports and Connectivity

ASUS did not compromise with ports in this thin device. There are several ports includes two Thunderbolt 4 with a 40Gbps transmission rate, one HDMI, and Ethernet, a USB 3.2 gen-2, a Kensington lock slot, and a combo 3.5mm headphone jack. Still, need another port?


ASUS ExpertBook B9 features a 66Wh Li-Po battery in it. There is energy efficient panel with optimized self-refresh technology that can take you through a day easily with a single charge. Nevertheless, if you are an intensive user, ASUS got your back this time. There is 65W Fast charging compatibility in this laptop, 0 to 60 percent comes in 39mins only. With such an amazing battery, ASUS promises 13hrs of Office productivity or 20hrs of non-stop video playback capability.


Despite being ultra-thin and light, ExpertBook is a very aggressive laptop. Intel 11th-gen Core i7 chip powers the device with Iris X graphics. Interestingly, B9 has two SSDs that can let you have dual 2TB storage with faster speed and RAID technology-enabled, is this a joke?

Anyway, there is Intel’s WiFi 6. Don’t be amazed because ExpertBook B9 is a certified Intel Evo Laptop which points to the best performance, efficiency, and incomparable connectivity features.


Security is one major concern these days. ASUS has planned the best as ExpertBook B9 has targeted the businessmen and corporates who need more attention to security. Speaking of top-notch security, the laptop has a smart proximity sensor that will not keep you waiting to unlock. As soon as you sit in front of the Laptop, it will detect your presence and scan your face with an integrated infrared cam, and logs you in. Same way, when you move away from your device it detects that instantly and locks itself immediately.

Apart from that, there are features like a webcam shield, fingerprint sensor, Kensington Lock slot, USB port control, and many more. Speaking of webcam, the laptop has an advanced 720p webcam with a privacy shutter. 

PC-to-Phone Integration

MyASUS function will seamlessly connect your smartphone with the ExpertBook B9. You can transfer files, URLs, even phone calls can be received or done from here. There is advanced remote access to the files, screen mirroring, and screen extender. Can your current laptop do all of these?

Durability Tests

A business device has to be strong and performance-oriented. ExpertBook B9 is pretty solid in this department. A number of tests have been done on this laptop. Results are pretty impressive. How is a 50,000 opening and closing hinge cycle sound without any issue afterward? The ports are checked with over 5,000 insertions and removals. Each key on this laptop has a 10 million keystroke lifespan. The entire laptop can survive a 30KG load on it, several 120cm falls which is the average desk height, 85% humidity in 40-degree Celcius temperature, and 15,000ft flight height alongside 0 to 50-degree Celsius extreme conditions. Isn’t that cool!


Looking towards a sustainable future, ASUS ExpertBook B9 has Energy Star 7.1-certified and rated by EPEAT Gold that the laptop is eco-friendly, will be recycled to the most, and comes with energy-efficient materials to ensure better ecological elevation in the future eventually.

Wrapping Up

ASUS is a renowned name in the Laptop world. They are famous for their precise engineering and efficient devices. ASUS ExpertBook B9 has proved such reputation once again in 2021. Comment below which feature of B9 amazed you the most. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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