Battlefield 2042: Next-Gen Warfare is Coming

Battlefield 2042 What's New

Battlefield 2042 released a teaser a few hours back. On that teaser, the upcoming Battlefield 2042 and the exclusive features along with challenges have been shown with an impressive graphics enhancement. Check out What’s coming new-

The Game

The grand warfare is coming back. Cutting-edge weapons and a challenging battlefield is waiting at your disposal. Apart from every other thing, you have to adapt and win a massive 128 player battle where there will be several environmental hazards. Not to mention the total combat freedom will raise your excitement like never before. Every moment is suspense where destruction waits with insane damages.

The Gaming Modes

There are updated multiplayer modes like Conquest and Breakthrough which come with several hazards you have never thought of. Fasten your seat belts because you won’t be able to rest a moment while in the battle

The Maps

The maps are designed to be unique with multiple distinct areas for getting your enemies down. More ways to attack and defend yourself, where everything feels like reality. More options with vehicles for chasing or escaping as neither war nor the environment has plans to show mercy.

You will be experiencing ever-changing casualties. Harsh battle conditions won’t give you time to breadth. There is a sandstorm in the Qatar desert, a rocket launching from the French Guiana’s Space Centre, and obviously, Tornadoes waiting for you in South Korean jungles.

The Arsenals

Battlefield 2042 is all about the future. Prepare for the cutting-edge technologies where weapons are as deadly as you have never imagined! You get vehicles, jets, and helis while you’re packing for yourself because you never know how hard your enemies will be.

The Specialists

Battlefield 2042 is not a child’s play. There is no mercy, no compromise. To avoid regretting afterward, pick a specialist that suits you before jumping into the ground. Currently, you get to meet with four specialists. However, all ten specialists will be revealed soon in July.

Speaking of Specialists, you get to chose your role. Before the battle, you need to fix how you will be contributing to your team. Every specialist has unique characteristics and traits. Other loadouts are fully customizable. Think before you pick.

Release Date

Battlefield 2042 gameplay will be revealed on June 13, 2021. However, the game will be released on 22 October 2021. Currently, you can pre-order for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Check out the Full Trailer

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