Best Netflix Originals Coming in December 2021

Best Netflix Series December 2021
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Best Netflix Originals of December 2021 are getting ready to be released. A number of great shows are coming throughout this December. Let’s find out more –

Lost in Space – Season 3

Releasing on – 1st December

Robinsons visiting another planet and probably the biggest alien threat are reported to take into account. The situation is getting heavy. However, this is gonna be the end of Lost in Space. In this final season, there will be eight episodes which will wrap up everything.

The Power of the Dog

Releasing on – 1st December

Phil Burbank, the role played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is a rancher. Phil believes that romance isn’t for him. While visiting his brother, his life took a dramatic turn. Based on the novel by Thomas Savage, The Power of the Dog is directed by Jane Campion. Apart from being Netflix Originals, there will be theatrical releases as well.

Single All the Way

Releasing on – 2nd December

This holiday season isn’t all about holidays. Peter comes back to his home with his best friend Nick. They are pretending to be in a relationship. Things get a little weird at this point. Peter and Nick will deal with Peter’s mom. While the Mom is trying to set up her boy with a local trainer.

Money Heist – Season 5 Vol. 2

Releasing on – 3rd December

This is the end of Netflix’s biggest series in history so far. In the bank of Spain, the gang is melting gold. The war continues with the special forces. Tokyo got Gandia. The robbery must come to end.

Will Professor get the gang out from the Bank of Spain? Who else will die in this war? Find out with this best Netflix show in December 2021.


Releasing on – 3rd December

This romantic comedy is directed by Valerie Weiss. This is about a young girl. Her mother sent her a tape as a gift. The young girl, unfortunately, destroyed the tape. The girl then starts to seek the songs that were on that tape. Thus the adventure moves forward.

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

Releasing on – 3rd December

The initial Shaun the Sheep show was an enjoyable one. Shaun is a talented sheep who leads his group at a farm in the countryside.

Shaun often engages itself in adventures. Bitzer, the sheepdog, always gets him and his friends when they are attempting something. The same franchise is coming with another holiday special show.

Asakusa Kid

Releasing on – 9th December

A Japanese drama based on the novel from Takeshi Kitano. This is a story of a young boy who drops out of school and make his career in the Arts back in the 1960s.

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Back to the Outback

Releasing on – 10th December

This Netflix animation is one of the most interesting ones. There are several animals with impressive skills. These are the animals of a zoo.

They all gang up together. Using their skills they try to escape from the zoo. Watch the animation to find out what happens.

A California Christmas: City Lights

Releasing on – 16th December

A California Christmas was first released in 2020. Receiving impressive responses, the franchise decided to continue this year as well.

You will be seeing Callie and Joeseph this December. A year later, their relationship is about have some difficulties. Furthermore, Joeseph is called back to the city as well.

The Witcher – Season 2

Releasing on – 17th December

The video game Witcher is one of the most hyped games till now. Not to mention, season 1 of the series was also impressive.

In season 2, Yennefer’s life was lost at the Battle of Sodden. Humans, demons, and such are fighting outside the wall to obtain their supremacy. The king must protect the girl who has mysterious power inside her.

Emily in Paris – Season 2

Releasing on – 22nd December

Emily is Paris returns after filming over the entire summer. Emily is growing as a person. Now she knows the city of Paris better. When it comes to her relationships, things are a bit different.

Don’t Look Up

Releasing on – 24th December

Just before Christmas eve, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence will take a world tour. They are to convince people that the end is nigh. This is basically scientists traveling and telling people about their concept. However, the storyline is full of suspense. You know, a World tour is a bumpy ride.

Cobra Kai Season – 4

Releasing on – 31st December

In this season, it’s all about war. There will be an unusual formation of groups to fight the enemies. How about seeing favorites from The Karate Kid as well?

Wrapping Up

The holiday season is now full of entertainment with Netflix. December is the hyped month where a lot of stories will come to an end. Stay tuned for more updates on the best Netflix shows of December 2021.

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