Bringing Games Played on Older Apple Devices Apple Arcade Win Hearts

Bringing Games Played on Older Apple Devices Apple Arcade Win Hearts

Apple is famous for its devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Apart from making pretty devices, Apple works in different services. A number of them are popular with their users. Apple arcade is one of them.
It has been nearly one and a half years, Apple released the Arcade. In 2019, Apple Arcade came to market. A huge number of people are a fan of the service right now. The Arcade pulled a lot of people to love Apple more and put their money on it.

The Offer

Initially, Apple declared that Arcade is an exclusive gaming ecosystem for Apple users only. Anyone with an Apple device will be able to enjoy the exciting games anywhere by paying $4.99 a month. The first month’s subscription was free. It’s free for a month even right now. But did people like the deal?

The Risk

To be honest, Apple took a risk here. Making a whole ecosystem for gaming only was not a good decision for any tech giant all of a sudden. Considering the Gaming world, there is unbeatable Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft with their high-end, much popular gaming ecosystems. Then there is Apple’s app store and Google Play to download almost all games you could play on your devices that have been released so far. Speaking of mobile gaming, developers will not waste their time on a fairly new platform. But Apple took the risk.

Collection in Arcade

Apple launched the Arcade with more than 100 awesome games with high-end graphics. Apple Arcade suddenly got a very satisfying response. It is hard for all the gaming companies to hold their players for a longer period of time. Gamers prefer new and exciting games over time.

The Strategy

Apple Arcade got a good collection of games. After playing a few games, people are more intent to leave. Games are good, Graphics are nice but there are options and collections out there for free.
FANTASIA is a very popular game. The game was released on Apple Arcade. The game had a surprise in their store with huge expansion and shift in their move for the platform. Right now Apple Arcade is focusing on classic games. With this step, Apple is getting a huge response from the users.
In a recent press release, Apple mentioned that there are more than 180 games in their Arcade. They are bringing back all classic old-school iOS games in the Arcade.

The Old School Games

Classic games and old school games are the pieces of emotion people will have always. An Antique item always makes others curious. Apple is more or less using the antique and popular games that were lost over time. A number of popular but simple games lost their glory as soon as something new came in with more colorful UIs and what not.
Classic iOS games will give Apple Arcade a gravity to stay on. Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Chameleon Run, Reigns, and so on are the evergreen games that will never feel outdated. These games will bring back the nostalgic feels of those iPad 2 days. Remember playing games on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4?
I know, there’s a wide smile on your face right now.

Wrapping Up

Classic iOS games will give Apple some time to make new strategies for the Arcade. But eventually, Apple has to come up with other games along with the classic ones. Otherwise, it will not be a worth subscription to pay for. People are dynamic with their demands. Nostalgia is just a pause in our busy lives to rewind the sweetest memories that we bear inside us.

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