DJI OM 4: Best Shots of Best Moments

DJI OM 4 was released in August 2020. This time DJI OM 4 comes with better balancing and alignment facilities. Magnetic integration of this design has been a favorite pick for professional creators who finds greater joy in shooting the best memories and sharing those precious moments with everyone through the internet.

Why DJI OM 4

Having an ordinary phone gimbal, You have to deal with a lot of issues to get your perfect shot. Stability and balancing are the two most challenging factors. DJI OM 4 has overcome those challenges. Now you can quickly snap the finest moments of your life without any hassle. You can get awesome frames and angles just like all those awesome movies with just a little help from DJI OM 4.

What’s New

In this iteration of the gimbal, DJI OM 4 came with no unnecessary setups. At the center of the DJI OM 4, there is a magnetic phone holder. The holder is with another magnetic ring holder. Weight has been reduced to the holders so that the user can get a firm grip. The magnetic ring holder gets attached to the phone which is, later on, get attached to the phone holder. On the back, both the magnetic clamps are attached to the gimbal. Simple and easy.

Flexible to Use?

DJI OM 4 uses a tri magnet setup per side to make the best alignments possible. Being on a tourist site, who has time to set up and balance a gimbal to take awesome shots? DJI OM 4 got your back. You can just attach and Snap. This gimbal has been designed to keep in mind that, Awesome people do not have time to miss the awesome sceneries. Therefore faster phone attachment along with Alignment and balancing issues has been double-checked.
DJI OM 4 has been tested in a lot of situations and environments to ensure that the design fits the purpose. It has been found the phone is very much stable with the holder and with better grip. DJI OM 4 is the best and perfect phone gimbal currently. It has the most simple functions to do incredible tasks.

Build Quality

There were several models before DJI OM 4. This model is the optimized version solving every issue and customer demands previous versions lacked. DJI OM 4 has powerful motors to hold heavier and big phones with bigger lens firmly. The movement is flawless. Carrying this device is nothing hard to do when shrunk takes very little space. The gimbal is a very high-quality build. Therefore damaging this needs your intention to damage.

Buy or Pass?

Most of the time whenever we go on sightseeing, We love to take photos and share those with our loved ones. It is a matter of regret that when you click the right moment but the photo came a bit shaky, or you want to take the right frame and angle but missed the moment. Considering these Issues in Mind, DJI OM 4 is the best buy right now. Never miss a Moment. Life is Short, You have limited time to explore the beauty of this world. Therefore, DJI OM 4 will always Get the Best Shot for you.

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