Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the Dragon Ball Movie Confirmed for 2022

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero 2022
Image credit - Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball movie is coming soon in 2022. Previously this year, Toei Animation announced that they are working on it. At the 2021 San Diego Comic-Con’s Dragon Ball special panel, the film was entitled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.


The movie will be released in 2022 according to the announcement. Furthermore, several other pieces of information have leaked already. This film will feature an “unexpected character” in an “unexpected territory” according to the leak. Some producers shared photos and posters of the newly hyped character of the movie with a helmet and impressive superhero suit. The iteration of the word “Super” in the title was kept on purpose.

“We really wanted to emphasize that this move is all about the superhero vibes.”

– Executive Producer of Dragon Ball

Back to the Comic-con, the special Dragon Ball panel showed a brief teaser portraiting the basic ideas of the movie. Previous Dragon Ball movies used a mixture of 2D and 3D animation to create awesome visual effects, mostly in the fighting scenes. However, this time the franchise is taking things one step ahead. With the same 2D and 3D mix, the film will feature circling camera shots to show a 360-degree view of Goku warming up, and so on.

“Visual expression of Goku’s moves and such incorporate quite a lot of ingenuity using different technologies.”

– Shueshia’s Executive Producer of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball has a large fan base all around the world and Toei Animation is excited to tease the fans with more clues. Producers said there the trailer and other leaked shots will contain more clues about the film.

“So we’d like you to watch many times to see what sort of ingenuity we’re making it with.”

– Toei Animation


Since the last Dragon Ball Super Broly movie in 2019, there was no such talk about any further plans for Dragon Ball. You see, the traditional series ended back in 2018, and right now only the manga is continuing. It seems the franchise won’t disappoint the fans rather over time they will come with new adventurous series and films. The 2022 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is nothing but the prolonged continuation of the Dragon Ball Super anime series with new animation styles and new characters on a totally new script.

Wrapping Up

90s Kids grew up watching the intense fights of Goku and searching for Dragon Balls. The franchise was so popular even the Dragon Ball fan base is one of a kind till now. Every Dragon Ball episode and film has its own story and adventure. Stay tuned for more updates on Dragon Ball Movie 2022.

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