Drive a Tesla in the Latest PUBG Mobile Update

Drive a Tesla Model Y on PUBG Mobile

Image credit – PUBG Mobile

How’s driving a Tesla in the PUBG Mobile sound? Well, now you can drive Tesla Model Y and even drive it in autopilot mode on the roads of Erangel. Let’s check out more on how you can drive a Tesla on PUBG Mobile –

Tesla Model Y

Battle royale shooter game, PUBG Mobile, now allows players to build and drive Tesla cars on the roads of Erangel. Mission Ignition 1.5 event features Elon Musk’s huge factory even, what else do you for vacation? Now, players need to go to the factory and activate subsequent switches to build their own Tesla Model Y. However, you need to survive there to get your car. Well, that’s of course challenging!

Now speaking of autopilot mode, The Tesla Model Y can do that on the highways. you can put your car on autopilot when you’re on the highways of Erangel and the car will drive itself to the pre-set markers on the map, How cool is that!

It is worth mentioning that the factory is there as a part of a takeover by the fictional company known as Dynahex. They are transforming the Erangel to conduct their scientific researches.

Wrapping Up

PUBG Mobile was released back in 2018 which is based on battle royale and became popular over time because of the challenges and intense environment where the last one standing gets the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.” Soon after release, the game has been decorated with mods and events. This time the inclusion of Tesla Model Y. Stay tuned for more PUBG Mobile updates.


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