DualSense Controller Gets Compatibility with PS Remote Play on Apple Devices.

DualSense Controller PS 5

DualSense controller is now compatible with PS Remote Play. Apple devices get the advantage right now. Let’s have a look at the fact-

Little Flashback

PlayStation Remote Play is a feature allowing certain devices to connect to a PlayStation gaming console on the same network and stream games on that device formerly mentioned, in case you are wondering what PS Remote is. The feature first came into Sony Xperia Z3 to connect with a PS4. However, Remote Play came to all other iOS and Android devices back in 2019 with PS4 initially then with PS5 in 2020.

Current Compatibility

Sadly gamers could use DualShock 4 controllers until now. Sony Interactive Entertainment took an initiative to extend the compatibility even with DualSense for PS Remote Play on Apple devices. Currently, DualSense controller of PS 5 is compatible to use as PS Remote Play on all Apple devices with iOS 14.5 and macOS Big Sur 11.3.

Other Issues

DualSense controller and Apple device works seamlessly together with adaptive trigger functionality. This is a fairly new feature. On the other hand, Microphone, headphone jack, speakers will not work with this. Even haptic feedback is not responsive right now for PS Remote Play.

Furthermore, toggling between devices will need manual pairing every time, which is kind of irritating for the moment. You can not switch devices with any other quicker way.

Wrapping Up

Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning to make PlayStation a better gaming platform. Soon enough they will integrate Discord. Therefore it is assumed that Sony will fix current issues within a few weeks pushing updates. Till then let’s enjoy whatsoever Sony offered.

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