End of Windows 10X: Microsoft will Focus on Traditional Version of Windows 10 in 2021

Windows 10X is dead

Microsoft abandoned Windows 10X as reported recently. Microsoft says there are good reasons to stop here with the Windows 10X. Let’s find out more-

Microsoft’s Decision

Microsoft was planning to design an efficient, lightweight, and specially cloud-powered Operating System for a long time. That’s when Windows 10X comes in. About the vision of this OS, Microsoft boldly mentioned enhancing mobile productivity on dual-screen devices.

“A new era of mobile productivity and creativity across two screens”.


However, Microsoft is not interested in the continuation of Windows 10X. In 2021 and onwards, Windows 10X will not receive any updates or security patches. Microsoft realized that Windows 10 is doing well and users out there, are not interested to digest another compacted version of something new mixed with old essences. The company is now focusing on the development of traditional Windows 10, which they are good at ever since.

A Little History

Back in 2019, Microsoft came up with a Surface event. They released three products on the event which were the hot topics at that time. There was the Surface Duo, Surface Neo and Windows 10X. 

A foldable phone, a foldable PC, and a new OS that was all for Christmas back in Fall 2019. It did not go well with Microsoft eventually. Soon enough Surface Duo received Google-made OS to hold users with a better user experience and intuitive usage habits. Microsoft started to push updates with noticeable intervals. The performance started to degrade in Surface Duo. 

Surface Neo, on the other hand, was planned to be powered by Windows 10X. Microsoft decided to develop the Windows 10X for a single screen first so that Surface Neo can get the best out of it. Somehow, the company realized, over time, the three hot topics turned into average gossip of the tech world.

Microsoft was This Close

Microsoft wanted to have a potential competition with Google’s ChromeOS. They designed a simplified interface, a new start menu, optimized multitasking, enhanced performance, reliable security measures, and so on. Later on, decided not to invest time and effort in something unworthy for the time.

New Focus of Microsoft

These days, Microsoft has got over it. Windows 10, the traditional version of Windows OS, became their center of interest, as it was and supposed to be always. Anyway, Windows 10 will get significant improvements soon. There will be noticeable visual changes like new icon packs, redesigned docks, and so on. The new Windows 10 should be available by October 2021 with an update.

Wrapping Up

Windows 10X led Microsoft to put some attention on their traditional OS from one point of view. On the other hand, this could have been a game-changer if Microsoft put their best effort into it. Either way, Windows 10 would remain as it is and now it will get some real updates. A lot of users say that it has been a pleasure with Windows 10X at some point though. 

Comment below on how you feel about the Windows 10X. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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