Facebook Smartwatch: Dual Cam with Removable Display

Facebook smartwatch which has dual cam with removable display

Facebook is working on a Smartwatch with some new features on it. Back in February, there were certain rumors about Facebook’s smartwatch. The rumors didn’t contain any information about the specs. However, a recent leak came out with some specs of the aforementioned smartwatch. Let’s see what’s new on the Facebook smartwatch which has a dual cam with a removable display-

The Removable Display with Dual Cam

Facebook is working on a smartwatch that will contain two cameras and a removable display. Yes, you read that, the smartwatch will have a display inside a stainless steel frame. The display is detachable and it contains two cameras for taking pictures and recording videos also for attending video calls.

More about cams, there will be a 1080p auto-focus shooter at the back of the watch for clicking photos and recording videos as the main cam. A secondary cam will be seen at the front of the display for video calling and so on. The removable display can be attached to any object like on your backpack.

Cellular Connectivity

While the fact video calling has been mentioned above, you probably had a question in mind that how the watch will connect itself with the internet? Well, Facebook smartwatch won’t require to leverage any smartphone to get connected with the internet. The watch will have an option for cellular connectivity. Thus having the watch on your wrist, you can go anywhere phoneless.

Facebook has been working with major wireless carriers in the US for quite a long time. Thus it is assumed that the Facebook smartwatch will offer LTE connectivity which will be pretty decent for a smaller device to initiate a video call.

Facebook has long term plan with this smartwatch. When Facebook’s AR glasses will hit the market, this smartwatch will be the major input device for that. Not to mention, Facebook is damn serious with the smartwatch and they are already working on the second and third-gen upgrades for the gadget.

Health and Fitness Tracking

Smartwatch can’t complete its purpose without having any health feature or some sort of fitness tracking. Facebook’s smartwatch is no different from that. Facebook will be integrating several health and fitness tracking like step count, workout tracking, sports tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and so on.

Furthermore, you will be using a Facebook smartwatch as a result you will be able to share your health stats and workout goals on your Facebook account with your friends without any hassles.

The Software

Most of the software for this smartwatch will be outsourced from other companies. Facebook will be using Android to power the watch. Probably the wearOS will be powering the Facebook smartwatch like the Samsung Watch 4 Series. The health and fitness tracking features will be monitored using third-party software.  Facebook hasn’t announced anything so far thus this information awaits formal confirmation from the company.

Release Date and Pricing

In the coming summer i.e in 2022, Facebook will reveal the Facebook Smartwatch. The watch will be priced around $400 with several variants and colors as expected till now. Stay tuned for more updates about the Facebook smartwatch which has a dual cam with a removable display.

Comment below if you know something more that we have missed about the Facebook Smartwatch. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

– Xplnrs

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