Facebook Tracks Your Online Activity and You can Stop That Right Now

Stop Facebook to Track your Activity

Stop Facebook to track activity as Facebook can track your online activities which is an open secret but off-Facebook Activity tracking is no joke.

Probably you ignored the privacy feature Facebook introduced last year. However, you can prevent Facebook from tracking your activities. Off-Facebook Activity is the feature that will do the favor. Let’s see how-

The flexibility of the Feature

You might have shared your data with several apps in the past. Well, now you can erase those with the feature Facebook is offering. Even you can restrict every other company right now to share your Facebook activity data in the future.

If you want, you can allow some and restrict the rest of the companies to do so. It’s all your choice.

How to Stop Tracking

Through the business tools of Facebook, you will be able to see information that apps and websites sent to Facebook. You can erase that information, at the same time, restrict those apps and websites to do such things in the future from your account.

To get started with Off-Facebook Activity tracking, head to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity.

Stop Facebook to Track your Activity

In the upcoming window, you can manage your activity tracking. Clear all histories and turn off any kind of future tracking.

After Turning Off Future Tracking

As soon as you clear your activities managed by the feature, Facebook will remove all your information that other apps and websites used to share. Therefore, Facebook will no longer have any acknowledgment about which sites you visits or whatever you are looking for online. As a result, you won’t be seeing irritating ads from those sites.

What Else to do to Improve Privacy on Facebook

If you wish to see selective ads as your preferences on Facebook, you can do that too. By this, you will be able to control who gets your information to show ads.

Go to Facebook’s Settings from your device and select Ad Preferences. Now head to Advertisers and Businesses. Now you can see a list of advertisers running ads on Facebook having your information.

You can select any company and choose Don’t Allow, thus you won’t see any ads from that particular company. Seems convenient?

Will You See Fewer Ads Afterwards?

You can restrict but that doesn’t mean Facebook won’t show you ads anymore. Facebook will be showing you random ads or ads based on your preferences. The number of ads shown to a user is the same even if you restrict a number of companies to track your data from Facebook.

iPhone Users Get More Control

You will get some extra benefits if you’re using an iPhone with iOS 14.5, the feature is called App Tracking Transparency. Here, before you use an app, for example, Facebook, you will be prompted with a message that the app tracks your data and whether you want the app to do so or restrict. You can choose according to your desire. To learn more Click here

For Android users, Android 12 will come with such a feature as Google mentioned recently. You can learn more here

Wrapping Up

Privacy is your right. You are the owner of your privacy and over time, Tech companies got this concept. Leading companies are concern about user privacy, Why shouldn’t you take the benefit and keep yourself safe from being tracked by others!

Comment below If you know something more to stop Facebook to track your activity. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

– Xplnrs

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