FaceID will work now even when you’re wearing a face mask

To use FaceID, you had to make your face visible for the scan. Right now, in this critical situation of the world, wearing a mask is a must. People often face problems with FaceID when they are wearing a mask and want to unlock their iPhone. Here’s how you can unlock your iPhone with a mask on using your Apple Watch and iPhone. 

What is needed

To avail this feature, you need an iPhone which supports FaceID that is iPhone X or later versions. You must have at least iOS 14.5 running on your iPhone.

Apart from that, You will need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later with watchOS 7.4 or later on it. 

Obviously, your Apple Watch needs to be paired with your iPhone. Bluetooth and WiFi need to be connected with the devices and Watch should have a passcode. Not to mention, Wrist detection has to be turned on as well. Then Your Apple watch has to be on your wrist unlocked. 

Unlocking your iPhone with a mask on your face

After finishing such a setup, you can now unlock your iPhone just by staring at the screen as you do always with FaceID. A mask on your will not cause any issues from now on. 

When you unlock your iPhone in this way, your watch will give you haptic feedback notifying you about the completion of the unlocking procedure. 

If you didn’t mean to unlock your iPhone then you can tap on the “Lock iPhone” button that popped up on your Apple watch. Remember locking the iPhone this way will need a passcode for further unlocking.

Wrapping up

Apple always thinks about better user experience and flawless security. That’s why Apple is a top pick right now. FaceID had to face many difficulties as wearing masks is mandatory nowadays. However, Apple solved this long reported issue finally with the release of iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 

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