FaceTime on Android and Windows: Apple Extends Services with Features

FaceTime on Android and Windows

FaceTime is finally coming on Android and Windows after ages. During WWDC2021, on a keynote, Apple stated that FaceTime will be available on the web for Android and Windows users.

FaceTime on Android and Windows

Finally, Apple is opening up a bit. Like Microsoft Teams, Apple is now allowing users from outside the ecosystem to use FaceTime. Anyone with a FaceTime link can join on a FaceTime call without even owning an Apple device. Calls can be scheduled and attended on time with no hassles.

Apart from that, you can share content with SharePlay with others while in a call. Portrait view will provide you with more room to see what others are doing. FaceTime will more like a hanging out rather than an App after such integrations.

Other Features

FaceTime will come with other features like a grid view for better visuals of the people you are talking to, a voice isolation feature to enhance sound quality to others, spatial audio compatibility to tweak more with audio, background blurring if you’re not in a suitable place to attend a call, and so on.

Release Date

However, Apple talked about the feature and advantages of FaceTime but didn’t mention when the feature will be available. It is predicted that the feature will be pushed via an update along with iOS 15 in Fall 2021.

What is SharePlay?

SharePlay is another interesting feature that is coming soon. SharePlay is more or less with Facebook’s Watch feature, here you can watch or listen to the same thing with your mates at once.

This feature is compatible with several platforms like HBO Max, Disney Plus, Twitch, and many more. Not to mention, Apple Music and Apple TV Plus support as well.

Wrapping Up

Android and Windows users might not be so excited about FaceTime being so accessible. Nevertheless, FaceTime will be expanding with audiences from different platforms. Such a step will lead Apple to be more approachable and welcoming to others.

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