Fate of Martian Water: Trapped inside the Crust

New report from NASA says that Mars has all its water beneath the surface. About 30% to 99% water of this Red planet is in the crust within the minerals.

Having low gravity on Mars, Scientists thought that Martian water maybe escaped into space, which is not entirely wrong. But most of the water is trapped inside Mars.

In the 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference such research result was presented. Amount of water in all three forms are calculated. At the same time, chemical structure of Crust along with Mars atmosphere is checked to get the ratio of deuterium to hydrogen.

Deuterium is actually hydrogen but having a neutron in them. Nearly 0.02% hydrogen atoms are like this and called “Heavy Hydrogen.”

Water is a component of Hydrogen and Oxygen where Deuterium and Oxygen also makes water. Scientists think that water molecule made of light hydrogen flew into the space and being heavier, deuterium di oxide or heavy water went inside the surface of Mars. However, if such thing happened then a huge amount of Deuterium is inside Mars, suggesting mentionable water loss signs on the atmosphere of Mars, as Hydrogen to Deuterium ratio is 100 : 2. To refutate the fact, Scientists proposed that trapping water in minerals and loss of water in the atmosphere can explain the amount of deuterium presence on Mars.

When water is kept with rocks, over time the water becomes a part of the mineral structure of the rock. The process is quite common on Earth as well. However, on earth the crusts break continuously and melt into the lava. New crust is produced on the surface of the plates over time again. This is the recycling process of water and other molecules on earth through volcanism which Mars can not do due the absence of tectonic plates. Therefore the surface is drying and water gets trapped inside the crust forever.

These are currently the two possibilities that the water of Mars could have experienced in the past. However, Further Research results might give us more discrete information about the Fate of the Water of Mars.

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