Fortnite comes to iOS and Android with Touch Controls by GeForce

GeForce brings Fortnite to iOS and Android with new Touch Controls
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Fornite to come on iOS and Android with new controls. Even in 2022, Fortnite has massive popularity. NVIDIA and Epic Games announced Fortnite coming back to mobile devices with touch controls recently. Let’s find out what’s this all about –

The Announcement

Back in 2020, there was news that Fortnite will come to smartphones with touch controls. That gameplay concept teased every mobile gamer. NVIDIA finally teams up with Epic Games to make this happen.

You see, using GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service by NVIDIA will allow you to play Fortnite with full-touch controls. Thus, you won’t be needing any physical controllers.

The Procedure

Well, this entire thing is under beta test now. Obviously, you can sign up for a beta account to test the game, the controls, and the servers. You can sign up at NVIDIA’s website right now to play Fortnite on iOS and Android devices with controls by NVIDIA GeForce. The GeForce Now app is available on Google Play Store, and can be accessed through the web on iOS devices such as iPhones, and iPads.

NVIDIA’s Motive

NVIDIA has a long-term plan with this touch control feature. NVIDIA said that Fortnite isn’t the only game that they will be adding touch controls on GeForce Now. Several PC game developers are interested in in-app touch control features to their games so that everyone with any device can join in. This will prevent game developers to make an entirely new game for the touch screen devices rather they can just add the functionality.

Worth mentioning that, Microsoft is eager to integrate such a feature. Xbox Game Pass will be compatible with touchscreen devices soon. Thus, such a step will allow users to play games and not necessarily need a laptop or desktop for that.

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Wrapping Up

Gaming industries are growing like magic these days. Not to mention, mobile gaming is getting popular. This leads game developers to focus on touchscreen devices. Not to mention, the mobile version of any title takes a lot of work. GeForce is bringing relief to that. Anyway, stay tuned for more updates on Fortnite on iOS and Android with controls by NVIDIA GeForce.

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