Future Galaxy Smartphones might Come with New Battery Technology

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The battery percentage is a real concern of your Smartphone. Typical batteries these days degrade 20% within a year. If you are wishing to use your Smartphone for 2-3 years then the battery needs to be replaced at some point of the mentioned tenure. However, Here’s good news, Future batteries will last longer than that.

The Battery Issue and The Solution

A team of scientists working at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) discovered a new battery composition that can hold a 95% capacity for five years or longer. Currently, the negative terminals of the batteries that we use, have a Polyvinylidene Fluoride. There is a 35% depreciation after 500 recharge cycles in these batteries. Because of this fact Apple, Samsung, and Other mobile companies suggest a battery replacement after two years is needed. Apple has a battery health checkup mechanism where if the battery goes under 80% then you will get a notification for replacing the battery. 

The JAIST team discovered a new material called Bis-imino-acenaphthenequinone-Paraphenylene to use on the negative terminal of the battery. The team successfully showed that the battery holds 95% health after 1,700 recharge cycles which is equivalent to use the battery for five years. This whole project was closely monitored and supervised by Professor Noriyoshi Matsumi.

“The realization of durable batteries will help in the development of more reliable products for long-term use. This will encourage consumers to purchase more expensive battery-based assets like electric vehicles, which will be used for many years.”

Professor Noriyoshi Matsumi
The Outcome

This awesome technology can play a great role in all sorts of battery running electronic devices and components. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and all other accessories along with gadgets will reach a new dimension of user experience. Can you think of having such technology alongside fast charging? It has been rumored that Samsung will be adopting this technology very soon. Samsung Galaxy Smartphones will get the first modification after finalizing deals with the Team.

Wrapping Up

However, even if Samsung avoids this technology, the technology will continue to develop. As the solution has been found, Implementation will be seen sooner. 

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