Galaxy Book Lineup: Samsung Targets to Ship 1 Million Units

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

Samsung launched a number of Laptops shortly. Samsung prepared their best OLED display, and windows integrated laptop, the Galaxy Book series. They are expecting that this year’s lineup to be a hit in the market with sales.

Samsung’s Target

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 and Samsung Galaxy Book Pro are now available in 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch variants. Both the laptops have their amazing respective features. However, Galaxy Book Pro 360 offers more productivity and intuitive features. The Pro model of the laptop comes with touchscreen compatibility and S Pen integration. Speaking of S Pen, this is not the same stylus that Galaxy Note offers. This time the S Pen has been designed and optimized.

Samsung is very much optimistic about this year. The company has secured the leading position in the mobile phone market for a while. Now they expecting one million units of the latest series to be sold in 2021. According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung could not even make it to the rankings in the global laptop market share back in 2020. Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, and Acer on the other hand did awesome with their sales and occupied the top five positions. Samsung wants to make a difference in this year.

Wrapping Up

Before releasing these Galaxy Book Pro laptops, Samsung teased everyone saying, “The Most powerful Galaxy is Coming.” They really made the most powerful and productivity-focused laptop in their history. With several new features and improvements, Samsung seems prepared for the competition. Galaxy Book Pro lineup is one of a kind. Being optimistic is natural when you can make something so unique in this competitive world.

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