Game Engine comes to ChromeOS: Google Partners with Unity

Unity Game Engine Comes to ChromeOS

Unity, the most popular game engine out there, comes to ChromeOS soon. The game engine already runs on ChromeOS with the help of built-in Android runtime. However, Google and Unity are teamed up to make the engine work better on Chromebooks.

Unity games are now available to compile for x86_64 based Chromebooks. Back in 2019, Unity stopped supporting x86 based Android devices. Not to mention, now, you can develop games using Unity in any Chromebook. The company also introduced the compatibility to override ChromeOS keyboard/mouse inputs with other custom actions.

“We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Google to integrate Chrome OS into the Android developer environment. From Unity 2021.2 onward.”

– Unity

Unity further mentioned that support will be available to all ChromeOS devices that run on x86-x64, as well as Arm later in 2021. Thus Unity Game Engine comes to ChromeOS soon.

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– Xplnrs

Developers can go for the new ChromeOS support. Unity allows you to download the 2021.2 beta to check out more. Unity is working on another update to bring the same feature on 2021.1 and 2020LTS versions.


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