Google Meet Update: Limited Call Length for Free Users

Google Meet now limits Call length to 60mins for free users

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Video conferencing has been increased a lot due to the recent pandemic so far. Google, being generous, made Meet free for all users. However, Google mentioned that was a temporary opportunity for all. Now Google is capping the call length. Let’s check out more about Google Meet call length updates-

Little Flashback

As soon as the pandemic started back in 2020, people preferred to switch to online. Thus video calling and online conferencing suddenly became on-demand. Google offered an unlimited free calling opportunity for that emergency period for all.

Not to mention, Google also decided to set a deadline for the free use till September 2020. The world situation got worse and Google kept pushing the deadline. But now, the unlimited free group calling has come to an end.

About the Call Limitation

You may see that Google Workspace has been updated with some new features. Along with other features, the free Gmail accounts are getting a limitation with the duration of the free group calling over Google Meet. Google now caps that to 60 minutes.

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Google mentioned that users will be notified on the 55th minute that the call will terminate after 5mins. At 60th min, the call will end itself and offer users to start another new meeting link if they need to resume the conversation.

Plans for Individuals

To avoid that, you can upgrade your free account with a Google Workspace plan. Google now offers Individual Workspace plans on several locations and soon will be available to all. The starts at $9.99 per month. Until January 2022, you can avail of the plan with a 20% flat discount at $7.99 per month.

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Apart from getting unlimited call duration, you will get a noise cancellation feature, recording the calls, breakout rooms, polls, and lots of other premium features with the package.

Wrapping Up

Google already updated its support page for Meet to show information about these changes. However, one-to-one calls aren’t included with the upgrades. Therefore, only group calls will get the changes. Stay tuned for more Google Meet call length updates.

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