Google Pixel Fold: Everything to Know So Far

Google Pixel Fold White color

Image by – Waqar Khan

Google Pixel Fold reports were coming since the Android 12 beta was released back in May. There are several references that a new pixel phone is coming soon which is a foldable one. Not to mention the model number is already leaked for the device “Passport (Pixel Foldable) – GPQ72.” Let’s see more about the Google Pixel Fold –


Google Pixel Fold patent is out there as well. Back in 2019 Google started working on a foldable device. Google even filed the patent which more or less looks like the Galaxy Z Flip.

Patent of Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold Patent

That was way before, but recently Google filed another patent where a Book-like foldable device can be seen. A report from insiders, Google is struggling with the hinge mechanism. The company is tweaking and refining to get the perfect hinge for its foldable device, Pixel Fold.


Moving on the display, Google Pixel Fold will feature a flexible 7.6-inch OLED panel manufactured by Samsung. The display will get folded to half inwards. The overall fold thing will work like the Galaxy Z Fold series. The secondary display will be much smaller in size and will be easily accessible to the users. The secondary display might feature an LCD panel or in the best case an LED panel.


Obviously, Google Pixel Fold will feature decent shooters. Google has a “less-is-more” motivation so you may not get the best shooters on the Pixel Fold. Nevertheless, there will be two shooters at the back as the main module, one of them will be a wide-angle lens. This foldable device will feature one selfie shooter as well.

Youtuber Waqar Khan showed more concept renders considering the patent and Pixel 5 design. However, this is just a concept render. Google Pixel Fold officials renders will come out soon and for that stay tuned with us.

Software & Hardware

Pixel Fold will run on Android 12. There will be dedicated features for the foldable phones. This time, you will multitask properly on a smartphone, and Pixel Fold will support split screens. All other Android 12 features and customizations will be there on top of everything.

Not to mention, Google will use the best chipset for something to release this big. It is assumed that there will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ to power the device. Moreover, Google can use a Snapdragon 865 chip as well. It depends on the price tag and performance at the same time.

Release Date & Price

Google Pixel Fold is assumed to be revealed later in Q4 of 2021. However, there is no official announcement or even teasers out yet. Considering the overall leaks and rumors, the Pixel Fold will cost you somewhere between $1,199 to $1,999.

Wrapping Up

Having a foldable is a must for every technological company and Google didn’t join the club so far. It is worth mentioning that, Google is taking their devices seriously after LG left the market. Now, Google is working on a fold to be on the same page as other smartphone companies. Stay tuned for more updates and leaks.

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