Google will Take 15%

Google has announced an update to their app store policy. Google is lowering down the Play Store fees in half. 

Google says, “Reducing the service fee Google Play receives when a developer sells digital goods or services to 15% for the first $1M (USD) of revenue every developer earns each year.” By this, Google points out that almost 98% of developers will see a fee reduction for their digital services and goods by 50%. $1M (USD) was chosen as a threshold by google as making more money needs a lot of time and effort, even that might not be a permanent revenue scale always for any developer.

Apple did the same previous year. But Apple takes 30% of revenue when a developer passes the threshold in a year where google will take 30% if a developer could cross the threshold once. After receiving a lot of complaints from the developers both google and apple finally dropped down their cut.

If both the companies did not pay attention to the fact that developers face difficulties with their cut policies, then soon there might be an independent stand. Epic Games did not want to share their revenue with anyone else, therefore when Fortnite mobile came out. The game was downloadable through their website. That was a wake-up call for market Giants like google in their dominance or a self-dependency for the developers.

Google has a reputation to rank their developers and make their services a better reach. Google literally pays a lot of developers and even companies to independently earn huge using their platform in exchange for sharing the revenue. But new and growing developers had challenging days which will not be heart-burning to them anymore. 

We appreciate Google’s decision and We expect to see more from Google. We also encourage other companies to make a balance with developers and creators so that Developers and Creators can give awesome products to the Awesome Companies which will eventually make a better and productive user experience, For us. 

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Hello kittty
Hello kittty
1 year ago

This is good.

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