Instagram will be Blocking Inappropriate Direct Messages

Instagram - Photo Sharing Social App

Instagram will trace abusive messages which are well known as DM or Direct Message. Then they are going to block them to prevent users from being victims of cyberbullying or harassment. 

The Solved Abusive Commenting Issue

At the beginning of April, Instagram came with its new machine learning algorithm. The algorithm was helping users to hide offensive and inappropriate comments. Instagram found out that several people are being harassed every now and then through DMs sent to them. 

The New Feature 

To stop this cyberbullying, Instagram came up with another new privacy feature. Direct Messages with abusive words, phrases, and emojis will be traced and removed. Instagram said that Direct Messages can not be monitored entirely. These are private conversations. 

But with this new feature, users can automatically block unwanted messages before reaching them. The feature initially will focus on privately sent messages only from strangers. 

The user can identify which words they feel offensive and list them. Instagram will see the custom list and incoming DM’s content. If the Message contains those words will be blocked. This filtering can be applied to all incoming messages including from Friends to strangers. However, those messages will be in a hidden spam folder. Users will be able to manually moderate the content or see the message if the person wishes. 

No more Creating Accounts to Continue Bullying 

Another feature will be included soon where if a user is found to be cyberbullying and blocked by the victim, and the user wishes to open another account to continue with the bullying thing then Instagram will restrict him from creating another account for a certain time. These features are under final review and will be received by everyone later next week. 

Wrapping up

Privacy is the main concern. Cyberbullying is a crime. Instagram is getting strict with such inappropriate content. Instagram is a photo-sharing social media where people are independent sharing their captured moments with others. Many users are being harassed for a long time. Instagram is focusing on these matters. In the coming days, there will be more improvements in the user experience department of Instagram. 

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