Intel Alder Lake Processor: Everything to Know So Far

Intel Alder Lake Processor
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Intel Alder Lake Processor is coming soon as Intel announced recently on its Architecture Day Event. Alder Lake chips will hit the market this Fall. This is the 12th-Gen Intel Core processor.

Intel’s Announcement

Yes, Intel is bringing its next-gen processor which will work more like the smartphone processors. There will be efficient core and performance cores in this chip. Speaking of efficient cores, Intel codenamed them Gracemont, which are designed for low-powered tasks. The company compared them with the Skylake cores that came out in 2015.

The new chip can either deliver 40% more single-thread performance according to Intel or perform the same as Skylake cores but with 40% less power consumption. For multi-thread tasks, the performance curve rises 80% or 80% power is conserved to perform the same task as on a Skylake chip.

Intel Alder Lake Efficiency Core
Alder Lake Efficient Core Performance

Not to mention, performance cores are more efficient than ever before which are known as Golden Cove previously. The company claims this is the most powerful processing core yet. Improved latency, complete parallelism, and enhanced overall performance will be obtained from this SoC.

Cypress Cove cores are Intel’s 11th-gen Cores for desktop processors. Compare to that, the new cores, Golden Cove, have 19% performance enhancements while pushing at the same frequency.

Have you noticed that Cypress Cove cores are basically the same as the Sunny Cove cores used in 10th-gen mobile processors? Whereas 11th-gen mobile processors used the Willow Cove Cores. These Willow Cove cores share a lot of similarities with Sunny Cove cores.

Intel Alder Lake Performance Core
Alder Lake Performance Core
Efficiency Cores and Performance Cores

Efficiency Cores and Performance Cores in Alder Lake Processors will come together. Intel has introduced a Thread Director which will coordinate the tasks of the Cores. According to need and effectiveness, Thread Director will assign the Cores with the tasks thus overall performance of the chip will enhance and power consumption will be reduced significantly. Intel Thread Director will work directly with the operating system. As a result, your PC will give you everything you need flawlessly.

Cores and Threads

For Alder Lake processors, they will be renamed as Intel 7 Process. These chips will feature up to 16 Cores and 24 Threads. That’s because Eight Performance Cores will have two Threads each while Eight Efficiency Cores will have only one Thread each.

Other Features

Alder Lake processors will hit the market ranging from 9W and all the way up to 125W. You can choose what you need. These chips will support PCIe Gen 5, DDR 5 RAM, Thunderbolt 4, and so on. Intel claims the processor will be compatible with newer technologies coming in the near future as well like Thunderbolt 5 and so on.

Intel Alder Lake SoC Performance
Intel Alder Lake Chip – Performance
Release Date

Intel Alder Lake chips will be available soon this Fall as the company announced. Mobile processors will be released initially, to be more specific, the low-power variants. However, top of the line, Desktop processors will take a while. In the following year, the desktop variants will come into the market.

GPU Performance

Intel shares about their new Xe HPG microarchitecture for GPUs as well. These GPUs will enhance 1.5x performance for each watt over the Xe LP microarchitecture of the company. These GPUs will come next year as Intel Arc which Intel announced a few days back.

Intel Xe HPG GPU Announcement
Intel Xe HPG GPU
Wrapping Up

Intel is taking processors and GPUs to another level. You see Intel Alder Lake processors and Intel Arc GPU are taking a big step in the industry. Stay tuned for more updates on Intel Alder Lake Processor.

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