iPad Pro 2021 Vs M1 MacBook: Awesome Devices with Differences

iPad Pro 2021 Vs M1 MacBook

iPad Pro 2021 and MacBook 2020 are the most high-end devices Apple has on the market right now. Apple released the new iPad Pro 2021 with its own M1 chip. This is the same chip that powers the MacBook of 2020. At this point, a Tablet and a Laptop share many similarities, even manufactured by the same company. Let’s find out what’s interesting about these two high-end devices-

If you look closely, Apple is trying to make a unique boundary surrounding their products keeping as many similarities as possible among them. You see, iPad Pro is now powered by a chip that is powering a Laptop that performs better than other laptops of the same kind out there. Furthermore, M1 MacBooks are now supporting mobile apps. However, when it comes to buying a device for your needs, you need to compare usability.

Need a Tablet that can replace your Laptop or a Laptop compatible with mobile apps?

Build Quality

Considering, iPad Pro 2021 is a Laptop replacer but you have to spend $350 on Keyboard. Not to mention that the Keyboard of the older iPad Pro will not work with the 2021 version.

iPad Pro 2021 comes with a mini-LED screen which is the best and expensive screen on the market right now. You can use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro 2021 but MacBooks are not compatible with Apple Pencils yet.

Looking towards the M1 MacBook, The laptop is robust and stronger than iPad Pro 2021. The keyboard and trackpad they come with, are great. In fact, Keys are bigger, the trackpad has more space to use comfortably. MacBook, being a laptop is not very handy to use as a portable daily driver like iPad Pro 2021.

Screen and Display

Speaking of the display, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch of 2021 comes with the most advanced mini-LED display, and the iPad Pro 11-inch has better LCD screens. Putting the 11-inch iPad Pro aside, mini-LED on 12.9-inch iPad Pro is insane. You can not compare anything with the visual quality and battery optimization this display has. OLEDs are far behind compared to mini-LEDs. You can go as deep as pitch black and as bright as pure white with 2.6K separate dimming zones inside the display.

M1 MacBook has an advanced LCD screen. Typically the brightness seems nice. The colors are sharp and vivid. Media content will not feel awkward. Compared to the OLED screen, LCD needs improvement. Compared to other Laptop screens, M1 MacBook is awesome with the display.

If you want to push things further with numbers on specs, iPad Pro has 264 PPI where MacBook has 227 PPI only. M1 iPad Pro comes with a 120Hz ProMotion display but MacBook is good with a traditional 60Hz refresh rate.

Software and OS

iPad Pro 2021 runs on iPadOS. Certainly iPad Pro is a lighter and portable device, therefore, software like Final Cut Pro is unavailable here. Speaking of Software, M1 MacBooks can run all sorts of professional-grade software starting from Final Cut Pro to Xcode.

M1 MacBook runs on macOS which is a much optimized and performance-oriented PC grade operating system to handle heavy tasks. You might have heard of Apple deciding to integrate professional and heavy apps to iPads after proper optimizations. Well, that might take no less than 2022 at least. The optimized app for M1 MacBook has not come yet in the app store, Apps for iPads will be in the queue for their turns.

Multi-tasking is another great feature that both of these devices offer. It is easier on MacBook to work on more than one app at a time. However, iPad Pro handles the feature more precisely.


Keyboard has been mentioned above but the discussion is not finished yet. From iPad Pro 2021 keyboard, considering you are willing to buy, you will be getting the most out of your iPad Pro for sure. You will get much control over typing and navigating. You can attach the keyboard and remove it whenever you want, that’s real freedom and M1 MacBook will not offer you.

Here’s what the M1 MacBook keyboard will offer but the iPad Pro 2021 won’t, the shortcuts. Yes, you won’t be able to use the keyboard shortcuts on iPad Pro because of the iPadOS. Both the keyboards are a lot identical, but there is a key or space for TouchID on MacBook that iPad Pro 2021 lacks for the FaceID.

Battery Life

Even though M1 MacBook has a bigger battery cell but iPad Pro M1 will give you more hours. Nevertheless, the battery life doesn’t have a massive difference among them.

11-inch iPad Pro has a 28.6Wh cell whereas 12.9-inch iPad Pro has 40.9Wh capacity. M1 MacBook Air has 49.9Wh and M1 MacBook Pro has 58.2Wh battery capacity. According to the Advertisement, Both the M1 iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch will have 10 hrs of web surfing and video playback on Wi-Fi. M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro will give you 15 hrs and 17 hrs uninterrupted web surfing with a single charge respectively.

Apart from advertisement, M1 MacBook Air will give you approximately 8 hrs and the M1 MacBook Pro will serve you with a little over 9 hrs of versatile usage. Apple did really well with iPad Pro batteries. Both iPad Pro models of 2021 will allow you to work around 10 hrs at best. You see, there is a minor difference between the battery life on the M1 iPad Pro 2021 models and the M1 MacBook models.


Spoiler alert: iPad Pro models are expensive than M1 Macbooks considering additional accessories. Let’s start with M1 iPad Pro models-

iPad Pro 11-inch comes with 128GB at $800, 256GB at $900, 512GB at $1,100, 1TB at $1,500, and 2TB at $1,900.
iPad Pro 12.9-inch comes with 128GB at $1,100, 256GB at $1,200, 512GB at $1,400, 1TB at $1,800, and 2TB at $2,200.
With the iPad Pro, a magic keyboard will cost you $350 more and Apple Pencil 2 will cost $130.

M1 MacBook Air is only $1,000 with 256GB and $1,200 for 512GB.
M1 MacBook Pro is only $1,300 with 256GB and $1,500 for 512GB.
No other additional accessories are required for these MacBooks.

Which one is for Whom?

Clearly, it has been noticeable that M1 MacBooks are for people focused on working with heavy software, not intend to move here and there while working and cool with a powerful laptop in the bag.
For example, A student, Corporate People, Programmers, Engineers, and you get the idea.
iPad Pro 2021 is for people who will be working with high-end visuals. Also passionate service holders, and who are more into switching places every now and then while working might prefer the M1 iPad Pro.
For example Passionate people, Influencers, Short-video or film directors, Artists, Creators, and so on.

Wrapping Up

Coming in 2021, the M1 iPad Pro is in the same league as that of a Laptop like M1 MacBooks. Operating Systems made them living in two different dimensions. However, Portability is to iPad Pro and Heavy usage is to M1 MacBooks, simple to understand, easy to pick right now. As soon as Apple optimizes apps for the M1 iPad Pro and M1 Macbooks, these products will get better for all. Till then iPad Pro and MacBooks will serve their purposes for their users.

Comment below which one would be your pick in 2021. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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