Apple iPhone SE 3 2022: All Leaks and Rumors So Far

iPhone SE 3 Leaks and Rumors
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iPhone SE 3 Rumor says, as always, will be one of the compacted and trimmed-down versions of the latest iPhone models in 2022. Though iPhone 13 is the current suspense now. But there has been a rumor that iPhone SE 2022 will get some good updates and upgrades. Let’s check out the iPhone SE 3 leaks and rumors –

The Rumours

Display Analyst Ross Young posted on Twitter a few days back about the 2022 iPhone SE. There he mentioned the same 4.7-inch display. Not to mention that the display will be an LCD one even in 2022. However, iPhone SE 2022 will surely get 5G connectivity with Sub-6 GHz.

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kou says iPhone SE 2022 will be the “Cheapest 5G iPhone Ever.” Now the cheapest iPhone costs around $699 which is the iPhone 12 Mini. Therefore, iPhone SE 2022 will cost anywhere between $599 to $649

Moreover, there’s another gossip. People are saying that there might be an “iPhone SE 2022 Plus” model which might feature the iPhone 8 Plus body with several upgrades and updates like iPhone SE 2022. 

But 2023 will be full of surprises. Don’t you think? 

Surprising 2023

According to Mr. Young, In 2023 iPhone SE will feature a hole-punch design. There will no notch at all. The iPhone 8 design will be history at that time. iPhone SE 2023 will also have a 6.1-inch display, assumed right now.

iPhone SE 2023 is expected to have a hole-punch design. Because Apple Analyst said that iPhone 14 will have no notch rather a hole-punch new Apple will be designed for 2022. This makes a point that iPhones after 2022 will get rid of any kind of notches. Then there will be also Foldable iPhones in 2023 as Mr. Kou said recently. 

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