Is It Okay to Skip 5G Smartphones in 2021?

Is It Okay to Skip 5G Smartphones in 2021?

Smartphone companies, all around the world, are now offering 5G-enabled smartphones. Even you can get one with a mid-range price tag on it as well.

Having a 5G phone will open the door for you to sync with the latest and greatest connectivity technologies out there. However, is it okay to skip 5G smartphones in 2021? Let’s have a look on that-

Availability of 5G Network

5G is the most advanced cellular connectivity version, without any doubt, right now. If you don’t have 5G coverage around you, then what good you have owning a 5G-enabled handset?

Well, you might be thinking of rolling with a phone for 1.5-2 years (3 years at most), and thus planning to buy a new 5G smartphone seems logical in 2021. What if 5G takes another 2 years to be a stable network around world?

What Happens When 5G is Available to All?

As mentioned above, you might buy a 5G phone in 2021 hoping to use that for 2 years. Considering, most of the places you visit every day do not support 5G (which is true for most of the locations in the world right now) and you’re expecting the coverage to be spreading soon enough. What makes you so confident about that in this emergency health situation?

Even if 5G covers the majority of the globe there will be new handsets with more optimizations which is discussed on the later part of the article. FYI, Most of the 5G handsets out there are having heat and battery draining issues over 5G data transmission. If you are buying a 5G phone you will be more of an experimental 5G user with a yet to be optimized 5G handset.

Price of 5G Smartphones will Fall as New One Comes in

Yes, Every single 5G handsets out there will have a price drop soon. The reason behind that is, 5G-enabled phones have heat management and battery drainage issue mentioned above.

When newer 5G phone comes with the fixes, current 5G phones will have a price fall. Looking back, very few current 5G smartphones might get a firmware update but that won’t solve issues completely. Thus, Skipping a 5G phone is not a bad decision at all in 2021.

You can match the situation with Samsung Note 20 5G Ultra and iPhone 11 when they offered discount after a couple of months from the launches as their alternatives came in to the market Samsung S21 Ultra with S Pen compatibility and iPhone 12 lineup respectively.

Expensive 5G Data Plans Initially

You see, when something new comes in, the price is higher on the initial release. As soon as everyone gets 5G, 5G data will cost way more for a couple of months. People are hungry for new tech which will lead cellular companies to do a good business for a few months before offering discounts to hold users.

Anyway, You can pass the expensive part by being with 4G and be sure, there is nothing to reget. That is, you can skip 5G in 2021 and maybe in 2022 as well. Skipping 5G technology will be completely fine for the above mentioned tenure unless you are a tech-maniac which, believe me, no one cares!

Compromising Specs to get 5G Smartphones

If you are planning to get a Flagship 5G smartphone in 2021, you can skip this part. Otherwise, buying a mid-range 5G smartphone will lead you to compromise other important features like chip, battery, display, and most commonly camera.

Expect 5G connectivity everything else mentioned just now, will serve you greatly. You can’t have a slower processor with smaller battery and average display in 2021. Where every smartphone comes with triple shooters and advanced camera features, is it worth sacrificing these for unpredictable availability of 5G?

5G Smartphones will Offer More: Don’t be Mistaken

5G will provide you with better connectivity and data transmission speed only. Don’t be mistaken that if you have a 5G device your apps will load faster, newsfeed will update smoothly even if you are out of 5G coverage. Please be aware that 5G has nothing to do with the performance of your smartphone other than connectivity.

Supported 5G Bands

If you are planning to buy a 5G smartphone even after reading everything above, please make sure you checked the bands and standards that the phone offers, matches with your carrier properly.

Otherwise, you will not be able to use 5G even having a 5G-enabled handset with you in a 5G zone. Most of the carriers don’t allow all bands and most of the 5G smartphones don’t come with every single 5G bands and standards out there.

Wrapping Up

5G offers obviously the best connectivity in 2021. Due to lack of coverage and optimisation with current 5G handsets, 5G is not a suitable pick right now. It is completely Okay to ditch 5G and 5G-enabled smartphones this year. However, if you are having frequent access in a 5G zone, You can think once more.

Comment below whether or not you are planning to go with 5G Smartphones in 2021. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

– Xplnrs

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