Joker: The Virus is Back on these Android Apps

Joker Android Virus

Joker, the most troubling Android virus is back. Yes, this mobile virus has made Google suffer a lot. Security researchers said that 8 new Joker malware-laced apps have been detected on Google Play Store recently.

What’s Joker on Android?

If you haven’t heard of the virus, Joker is one of the most persistent malware that targets mostly Android devices every now and then. Joker is a malware Trojan with a manifesto to generate revenue through cyber-attacks to fund cyber-criminals. After certain months, this malware makes its way to the Google Play Store by changing its code, execution methods, and so on.

How Harmful Joker is?

To be honest, Joker is quite a harmful malware. Joker steals user’s data the most. Can you imagine this malware can access your SMS, Contacts, Device info, even OTPs? Not to mention, your all other sensitive information is extracted by Joker and you won’t be able to notice. Google continuously removing apps that are malicious with Joker. However, it’s worthless if you still have such apps installed on your Android devices.

Here’s a list of Apps Google pointed out might be affected by Joker recently-

  • Auxiliary Message
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Free CamScanner
  • Super Message
  • Element Scanner
  • Go Messages
  • Travel Wallpapers
  • Super SMS

How to Stay Safe and Secured?

Probably you are conscious and downloaded mobile anti-virus as advertised by many companies. The sad reality is, You aren’t safe. There are histories that Malware affecting anti-virus programs as well.

Think this way, if the malware can make its way to Google Play Store several times, what it needs to dodge your anti-virus programs? FYI, Google Play Store has its own security system to detect malicious applications. If you really want to stay safe and secured, don’t download crappy apps. Apps from weird developers are risky.

You see, Play Store shows the developer’s info and how often the app has been updated along with which elements are fixed or enhanced in certain updates. It’s straightforward that an App with a trusted developer and frequent updates with security enhancements are safer than others. Apps featured on Play Store as “Editor’s Choice” are safe as well.

Wrapping Up

Internet is a very dynamic place. Malicious contents aren’t new to this world. A little bit of your sincerity can save you from being a victim. Keep yourself safe and your closest ones too. Stay tuned for more security updates.

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