Lamb (2021): Weird Story of a Half-Lamb Half-Human Child

Half-Lamb Half-Human Child
Image Credit - A24

The strangest movie of 2021 can be the “Lamb”, the story of a half-lamb and half-human child. Lamb currently has the weirdest movie concept to date. You can see horror movies, terrifying stories, and whatnot. How about a weird lamb-human child combination?


The 1 hour 46 mins journey will lead you to Iceland, where a childless couple Maria and Ingvar discover something out of the box. The couple finds a mysterious creature born on their farm, the half-lamb half-human child. The couple was surprised initially but later on, accepts the odd.

The couple decides to raise the creature as their child. The family started to see colors in their life. The happiness and joy soon turned into unexpected violence. The decision of the couple eventually results in their ultimate destruction. The wild force decided to keep the creature in the wilderness that birthed it.


As creepy as the concept, the casting is horrifying and bizarre as well. Lamb is directed by Valdimar Jóhannsson, who is also the co-writer of the storyline beside Icelandic poet Sjón.

A24, the studio working on Lamb, has several reputations on horror classics to watch. The drama and suspense that the studio can create are unparallel in the movie industry right now. Remember Cult classic The Lighthouse?

Anyway, Releasing on August 20th, Lamb will premiere in theaters on October 8, 2021.

Wrapping Up

Horror and Terrifying movies have a huge fan base. People enjoy seeing the odds and weirds. Lamb puts the concept to another level. Hope you will enjoy the movie. Stay tuned for more like this.

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