Leak Says Xiaomi is Working on Mi Pad 5 Tablets

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

Xiaomi is apparently working on a new series of Tablets. Back in 2018, Xiaomi launched Mi Pad 4. Mi Pad 4 was powered by a Snapdragon 660 chip. The Tablet had a decent price tag. Now Xiaomi is working on something new. After the successful release of Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold and Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra, Xiaomi wants to come up with a new flagship tablet.

The Models and Nomenclature

Xiaomiui Telegram group reported the news a few hours back. Xiaomi may be working on three latest tablets. As the rumor goes, The models are K81, K81A, and K82. Recently, Xiaomi did not say anything about the Mi Pad 5 series. The Tablets may come under the Mi Pad 5 series nomenclature.

Features and Display

The tablets may offer quad shooters, quad speakers, wireless charging, 120Hz refresh rate, IPS LCD screens, and other reasonable features. The resolution maybe 2560 x 800 pixels. There might be an 11-inch screen on the tablets.

Chipsets and Shooters

Xiaomi seems eager to use the Snapdragon 800 series chips more. So, Mi Pad 5 will offer a Snapdragon 870 chip. It will be a major upgrade from the previous Mi Pad versions. The 48 MP shooter is pretty much promised for the K81 model. However, K81A may offer a 12 MP sensor. According to leaks, K82 will have a Snapdragon 860 chip and a 12 MP shooter.

Wrapping up

It seems Xiaomi is planning to produce flagship or flag killer devices more. Xiaomi is less focused on mid-range budget devices nowadays. This is appreciated that Xiaomi is doing really good with Smartphones, and Foldables. Maybe Mi Pad 5 will find its place at the party.

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