Limiting User Data Tracking: Google’s New Policy

Limit User Data Tracking Android

Google has come up with an additional layer of user data security measures by ensuring that Android apps are not tracking users anymore.

Yes, for users who will stop sharing their “Advertising ID” with Google, the company will keep their data safe from being tracked by third-party Android app and game developers. Check out more on how to limit user data tracking on Android-

What’s Advertising ID?

This policy will be available to every Android user in the later segment of 2021. Google wants to ensure privacy for privacy-seekers. An ‘Advertising ID’ when a user shares with any app.

The particular app can trace the user data to provide the best advertisements for the user. Thus when you search for something to buy and magically you see ads of the product on different platforms, it’s just your data being traced.

With Google’s policy, when you won’t be sharing your ‘Advertising ID’ no one will be able to trace your data. That’s what real privacy sounds like!

Google’s Initiative

Currently, Google allows Android users to limit the tracking or even resetting their ‘Advertising ID’ but app developers get their way somehow. At the end of 2021, Google will hand over total control of tracking user data for ads to the users.

Google announced such policy changes through an email earlier this week to the Android developers.

“Provide users with more control over their data, and help bolster security and privacy”

– Google

In that email, Google mentioned that the company wants to give users more control over their data. This is to enhance user security and privacy after all.

When will be the Feature Available?

Recently Play Console Help page has been updated by Google detailing more about the Advertising IDs for Play Services. The end of 2021, Android 12 will roll out. Google wants to offer a promising and more customizing platform for Android users.

Android is so popular just because of the freedom that users get from it. Google wants to push things a little bit by allowing users to control their data by themselves. Therefore it is expected that Google will push the feature with the release of the upcoming Android 12.

What If Developers Choose Another Way to Track User Data?

Yes, Developers can use other methods to get user data but trying to such attempts will lead them to warnings from Google and penalties for further initiations.

However, Google won’t disappoint Developers at all. In July, Google will come with an alternative for Developers so that generating revenues don’t get a hamper for them. This will be a win-win situation for all.

Apple Did Before

Before Google, Apple came with the idea and implemented as “App Tracking Transparency” with iOS 14.5 update. Here, developers need to ask users whether users will allow tracking their data or not.

If the user denies it, no data will be traced afterward. Google introduced the idea differently but the gist remains the same. In fact, over a very short period, Privacy will be protected as a major concern for every virtual existence.

Wrapping Up

Google finally puts some thoughts on users’ security after all. Android was getting spammed by ads as developers need to generate more revenue than focusing on user experience on their app. Google is protecting the issue and making Android great again.


Comment more on how you feel about Google’s initiative- Limit the User Data tracking on Android. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

 – Xplnrs

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