Microsoft Edge Performance Mode: A Real CPU and RAM Optimizer

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is getting a bit of reputation these days. Microsoft’s previous browser, Internet Explorer did not perform well in the previous years. Being one of the best software companies, Microsoft finally put their attention on Microsoft Edge for a while now. 

Brief History

Microsoft Edge is using the same Chromium engine which runs Google Chrome as well. Thus Google Chrome has a mentionable number of similarities with Microsoft Edge. Coming out from the proprietary engine boundary, Microsoft Edge is now the second most used browser in the world. How cool is that! 

The Issue

However, Browsers can be a little bit more performance-hungry compared to their jobs as we see. If you have a look at the Task Manager after opening five to ten tabs on Google Chrome, you will find out a lot of your PC’s CPU and RAM is eaten but you are barely doing anything on your browser.

This is frustrating. Having an intensive PC might not put any value on such performance but for average PCs, this gives a headache to the PC owner. Microsoft is adding a new feature called “Performance Mode” on Edge to tackle such a situation. Microsoft recently reported about this new feature on their forums.

The Feature

Anyway, Let’s talk more about the feature itself. The Performance mode on Microsoft Edge has been designed to enhance effective CPU performance, optimum RAM usage, browser responsiveness, browsing speed, memory, battery usage, and so on.

Microsoft focused more on CPU and RAM management because if those two are checked then all other factors will be automatically putting less stress on the PC or Laptop. The Performance mode will solely focus on a better user experience without going to be nuts with the PC.

Furthermore, when the performance mode is triggered, the Sleeping tabs feature will be limited to five minutes. In case you never checked the Sleeping Tabs, it’s a feature that freezes tabs that are left open in the background, and the tabs save resources when they are not used. 

Wrapping Up

All these cool features are on the Microsoft Edge version 91.0.856.0. If you do not have the version on your PC, wait a few more days. Soon Microsoft will push an update with these cool features to everyone.

In fact, the feature should be available to everyone later this month or sooner than that. You can try updating your Edge browser to see if the feature is there or not.

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