Microsoft Surface Laptop SE: Best for Kids

Surface Laptop SE for Kids
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Microsoft Surface Laptop SE will be the best pick for students and kids in 2022. Your youngster needs to be technologically advanced. Your smartphone or tablet is not his gear. He needs something that is just made for him, The Surface Laptop SE. Let’s check out more –

The Competition

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop SE is coming soon to compete with Chromebooks. Chromebooks have an impressive fan base right now. Microsoft is targeting to take over with Windows 11 SE on Surface Laptop SE which will cost $249.

According to Microsoft, Surface Laptop SE will be popular exclusively among teachers and students. Moreover, Windows 11 SE, a lite version of Windows 11 is coming as well to compete with Google’s ChromeOS on low-cost models soon.

The Display

Surface Laptop SE is a low-cost Windows device. Nevertheless, you will get the same keyboard and trackpad as a Surface Go Laptop. The 11.6-inch display of Surface SE will have a 1366 x 768 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Microsoft claims vibrant colors with adjustable brightness of the laptop will offer zero eye strain i.e. The display will get adjusted with surrounding light conditions.

You see, Lenovo Chromebook Duet comes with a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 resolution at $249. It seems Surface SE will have a downside with its screen. Considering other factors, this is a minor setback.

The Hardware

Microsoft is planning to use Intel’s Celeron N4020 or N4120 to power Surface SE. The laptop will come with 4GB/8GB RAM with 64GB or 128GB of eMMC storage variant to choose from. There is a 1MP 720p front-facing camera for video chatting and so on. You will get a USB type-A, USB type-C, barrel DC connector, and a 3.5mm audio jack with the laptop.

The Support

It is clear that this laptop is not a top-notch device. However, Microsoft is offering huge repairability opportunities. This includes educational institutions replacing several components inside the laptop. You can very easily replace displays, batteries, keyboards, and motherboards.

As most students will be using the laptop, these components will be available with a decent price tag. Changeable parts will be available in all Microsoft authorized service centers and shops.

The Security and Protection

Not to mention, the laptop keeps in mind students’ protection. There is one-click device management, and your kids can stay safe as Microsoft keeps everything secure from chip to cloud. There are windows autopilot and intune for kids to simply sign-in and start to work on their laptop.

The firmware, OS, and other sensitive aspects are maintained by Microsoft cloud management. The open-source UEFI of Microsoft is secure than ever.

The Performance

Well, keep in mind that this is not a gaming device. However, the laptop allows you to work with Microsoft 365 for Education. Not to mention, you can run all Microsoft web apps and chrome extensions flawlessly. Microsoft claims that all apps and software that are needed for schools will work seamlessly on Surface Laptop SE.

Your kid can work both online and offline. The laptop will provide a full day battery even with heavy use. As the device is exclusively made for kids, the laptop works fine with Words, Slides, and such apps. Even video call and audio quality are impressive.

The Release and Availability

At the very beginning of 2022, Surface Laptop SE will be launched in the US, UK, Canada, and Japan. The device will be available to other regions soon afterward. The company didn’t specify any release date yet.

Pricings and Misc

The base model of Surface Laptop SE, 4GB RAM 64GB internal storage variant, will cost $249. The 8GB and 128GB models will have a $329 price tag.

Not only Microsoft but also companies like Acer, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and such will bring low-end laptops with Window 11 SE in 2022.

Who Should Buy?

You see, Microsoft is targeting teachers and students with Surface Laptop SE. This is not an ultrabook, nor a gaming device, but this will be efficient when it comes to studying. Kids and youngsters will get a great advantage out of this device. If you have a kid going to school, you get him a Surface laptop SE. Unlike iPads, Gaming Laptops, or Ultrabooks, this is gonna be cheap.

Surface Laptop SE is such a device that you can use for most of your lite works. You see, kids are full of life. They do a lot of things in schools. For their usage, this device is the perfect pick. Kids are not that caring about their belongings. Surface Laptop SE has low-cost replaceable components available almost everywhere.

Let’s consider situations, You can get an iPad or Android tablet for your kid. You will be investing more than $500 for that. There are other purchases like keyboards, cases, and so on. For damages, it may take days or even weeks to repair as well. Do you feel that’s logical to invest in a kid for school?

However, investing a little over $200 and getting a brand new entry-level laptop seems a fair deal to give to a kid for school and such works. This laptop takes little-to-no effort when it comes to replacing damaged components. Considering everything discussed above, Surface Laptop SE is the best pick for kids.

Wrapping Up

Technology is moving faster. Schools and primary educational institutions need to be technologically enhanced. For students, investing thousands of dollars in a laptop for school is quite odd. However, a decent $249 light laptop can do all the school jobs. That’s when Microsoft Surface Laptop SE comes in for your kids. Stay tuned for more.

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