Microsoft Teams Comes with Handful of New Interactive Features

Microsoft Teams with New Features

Speaking of Microsoft Teams, remember in 2020 when a global pandemic hit the Earth and people switched to online because there were lockdowns and safety precautions to not to leave your home? At that time, several software companies developed software and applications so that people can avail themselves for online meetings, conferences, and works. User experience and intuitive usage of the platform were eminent as all kinds of people will be using this. Microsoft Teams is one of the many platforms from then on.

The Start

Back in 2020, Microsoft Family Safety App and Microsoft Teams came along with Microsoft 365. Microsoft has been always a business-oriented product producer. Due to the awesome user-friendliness, Microsoft is a worldwide choice for OS and Office software. The recent update of MS Teams shows a number of potential features to be the best out there right now.

Virtual Environment

A major but interesting feature you are allowed to use in Microsoft Teams named “Together Mode.” Here the meeting you will attend will show a virtual environment. Microsoft wants to give you a feel of actually meeting with someone in a restaurant or at a coffee shop with the precise simulation of a background GIF.

Anyone Can Join a Call

There are live emojis and GIFs as well. You can react to others when you are on a call. Speaking of call on Microsoft Teams, now anyone can join any online meeting or call by using the App or the web version on the browser. You don’t have to be a Microsoft Teams user or open an account to join. How cool is that!

Feature Riched Dashboard

Furthermore, in chats, you can convert messages into tasks, there are options to create a poll, and so on. In MS Teams, you get a Chat tab for a chat and also a Dashboard. You can get all your links, lists, files, media, and more on their respective tabs on the Dashboard of a Chat. You can find your desired content by searching in the right tab.

Anyone Can Join a Chat

Apart from these, MS Teams adds up a new feature. As mentioned above that you can add anyone to a call even if a non-Teams user. Similarly, now you can add anyone to a chat just with his/her phone number. The non-user will get SMS on their phone as soon as someone texts on that chatbox. However, It is not yet clear that if you share a to-do list with your collaborators how non-users will interact with it. Stay tuned for the update.

Wrapping Up

All these awesome features are available in MS Teams from today. They are free to use for everyone. Microsoft Teams is focused on family, friends, and colleagues. You can handle your work life, social life, and personal life in one single platform right now without compromising anything.

Comment below which feature you will be using the most. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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