Microsoft to Bring Under-Display Camera for Phones and Tablets

Under-display camera

Microsoft seems to be done with the patent of under-display camera technology recently. The company has planned for a unique Logo camera solution for their 2022 devices. Let’s see what’s coming-

The Technology

Smartphones aren’t limited to one or even two shooters these days. Camera technology has gone way far. The Quad-cam system is nothing new. However, Microsoft is taking the advantage of its logo.

You see, On the logo, Microsoft has four primary-colored squares that create a large square. The company submitted a patent where these four colorful squares will contain a camera within each.

Cameras inside the basic colors would allow them to overlay with the corresponding pixels of the screen. Thus you don’t see the existence of the shooter. How cool is that!

Under-display camera patent
Photo Credit: LetsGoDigital

Microsoft further mentioned that some of the pixels will be used as a color filter for the shooters. Those will be activated when the camera is ready to take a snap.

Privacy with Technology

Under-display camera sounds awesome. Due to privacy, you need to know when the camera is turned on. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft decided that as soon as you activate your cams the corresponding pixels will be turned on projecting the four colored squares on the screen. Thus a Microsoft Logo on your screen means the cams are on.

High-Quality Images

The 4 cameras will take a snap and fuse them all to form a High-Quality image as designed by the company. Microsoft claims that such integration will allow users to take light-sensitive shots.

Therefore in all light conditions, there will be natural and color accurate photos next time you click something.

Other Companies

Microsoft is very much optimistic about the under-display cam solution. Nothing was mentioned about other brands using the feature. However, eventually, there will be under-display cameras in 2022. If you’re interested in the full patent. Click Here

Wrapping Up

Technology is dynamic. The under-display camera is a long-awaited feature. Finally, Microsoft is making big changes as an initiator.

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