Microsoft Turned Surface Duo into a Mini Xbox

Surface Duo can be used as Mini Xbox

Surface Duo has been teasing everyone with the Xbox gaming experience since the Launch. Recently Microsoft updated Xbox Cloud Gaming for Android and introduced dual-screen support. Surface Duo can now be your Mini Xbox.

The Update

After the update, Surface Duo will allow you to have game controllers on a screen and gameplay on the other. The game controllers let you play several games with customizations. Remember Nintendo 3DS? Surface Duo looks more like it when you will be playing Xbox games now. Like Apple Arcade, you get a lot of unique Xbox games to enjoy.

The Games and Controllers

More than 50 games are compatible with new updated controllers and features in Surface Duo. Worth mentioning that, Minecraft Dungeons, Sea of Thieves, and Gear 5 now support the new Surface Duo update by Microsoft along with other games. Regular Bluetooth and/or Xbox controllers work seamlessly with Surface Duo as well, after DualSense PS5 controllers are getting support for Apple devices as a competitor.

The New Experience

The user experience of Xbox gaming on a dual-screen device is awesome. You get better visibility when controllers are not on the screen blocking views. Less prone to accidental touches and top-notch gaming with huge room to hold and adjust buttons. If you’re thinking of playing an Xbox game without dedicated physical controllers, What would be a better pick than Microsoft Surface Duo as a mini Xbox?

Microsoft tweaked and optimized Xbox games to provide a better experience with Surface Duo. Recent improvements include content viewing, navigation through the Menus, and Additional layouts to have everything you need at your fingertip. The updated app is now available in Google Play Store for download.

Wrapping Up

Microsoft, After discontinuing Windows 10x, put some thoughts to improve Surface Duo so the lineup can continue in the future. To be unique in the foldable market what is a more convenient feature to have than offering your own gaming platform’s advantages to your users?

Comment below which Xbox Games are your favourite. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

– Xplnrs
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