Netflix Free Plan for Android: What’s the Twist?

Netflix Free Plan for Android
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Netflix is offering a Free Plan to Android users. Users of the aforementioned plan will be able to use Netflix without any payment but there’s a twist. Let’s see more about Netflix’s free plan –

The Netflix Motive

Netflix is the most popular online video streaming platform right now with all the premium shows. Not to mention the Netflix Originals, shows those are exclusively released on Netflix. The company is now planning strategies to reach more users.

Netflix is offering a free plan for Android users. Yesterday Netflix announced the Free Tier and information about it. Currently, the Free Plan is only for Kenya and soon will be released to other countries as well.

Free Tier with Twist

Recently announced Netflix’s free tier will come with some restrictions. Only a fourth of the entire catalog will be accessible to these users. That means on the free plan, you won’t be getting all the releases but a portion.

Not to mention, the free tier won’t ask for any payment details to fill up, which is a relief for many. You just have to create an account and must be 18 yrs to roll with Netflix’s free plan.

However, the free tier will show you personalized recommendations, supports multiple profiles, parental control, and obviously ads-free streaming. So you should be enjoying Netflix as the company also thinks of the plan.

Apart from these, there are some other restrictions as well. Sadly, you won’t be able to download episodes in this plan. You have to stream online which is kinda disappointing, but hey! you can stream for free.

The Objective

Netflix is running a test to their free plan on Keyna. If it comes out well, everyone will be getting the opportunity to enjoy the platform. However, the objective of the plan is to gather more people on the platform and hold them.

You see, a 30-day trial on Netflix is not that effective when there is a free plan option. After 30-days either you have to purchase a subscription or have to leave the account. With the free plan, at least people who will be using it whenever needed can switch to a subscription.

Wrapping Up

Netflix is a nice platform to enjoy your leisure with. More specifically, an Ads-free platform for streaming. Moreover, a free plan will allow more users to engage and thus a community of viewers will be growing. Some of them will be upgrading to other plans and others might stay on the free tier but everyone gets to enjoy it.

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