Netflix to Join Gaming Industry: A Complete Entertainment Platform

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Netflix, the popular video streaming platform is planning to enter the gaming industry. Netflix currently offers streaming TV shows and movies. However, now the platform wants to expand its services. Let’s check out more on Netflix to join Gaming Industry –

Hiring Gaming Experts

This streaming platform already hired a former EA Games and Facebook executive, Mike Verdu, as the vice president of their Game development department. It is worth mentioning that, Netflix has been experimenting with several items to find out their best suits. The company created a game based on a very popular series “La Casa De Papel” AKA “Money Heist”. Not to mention there is also a game based on the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

Ads-Free Gaming

Anyway, such curiosity of the company with content leads them to come up with games. Earlier it has been leaked that Netflix will offer games like Apple Arcade soon as an option. The detailed gaming strategy of Netflix is not cleared yet but as usual, everything will be Ads-free on Netflix.

N-Plus Subscription

Netflix is not only working with video games, but also they are introducing another subscription for premium users, the ‘N-Plus’ subscription. With this, you will be accessing podcasts, custom TV show playlists, and behind the scene shots of your favorite shows with every other top-notch feature. The subscription is under beta right now but soon will be available to all.

‘N-Plus’ subscription will be allowing users to give feedback on shows and based on top tier users’ usage data Netflix will invest in their production line for better outcomes.

Kids Priority

Apart from Game development, the company is going to launch another two services recently. There will be two new rows in the App or Website where there will be Kids Recap Email and Kids Top 10 options. The company is focusing on making the platform more kids-friendly.

The Kids Recap Email feature will send parents necessary insights about the activity of their kids on Netflix. You can also ask for customized topic charts and sheets where the company will provide information about which kind of shows your children are liking these days. Parents will be allowed to improve their setting for parental control. Netflix wants you to be tension-free when it comes to your kids.

Wrapping Up

Everyone is offering their best to enhance the business. Due to emergency health situations, people are staying in their houses. To entertain oneself, nothing can beat TV serials, video games, and the internet. That’s how companies like Netflix are planning to expand on certain fields like video games. Stay tuned for more updates on Netflix to join Gaming Industry.


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