New 12.9-inch iPad Pro will need a New Magic Keyboard

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2021

Are you heading for ordering the brand new M1 chipset featuring iPad Pro 12.9-inch? Well, you better think it over again. Because You need to invest more $349 for a keyboard.

The Bad News

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch is the best of the best iPads right now. But the best of the best iPad Pro seems not to be compatible with your old Magic Keyboard of 2018 and 2020 models.

A French site, iGeneration reported the issue first. Later that news spreaded everywhere. If you are having a mind to upgrade from your 2018 or 2020 iPad Pro 12.9-inch to the newest one. You might need to think about getting yourself a new Magic Keyboard as well. Apart from the keyboard thing, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch is incredibly awesome. You will get an M1 chip, upgraded shooters, a Mini LED display, all the new features, and so on.

The Good News

This is not all, The 2021 iPad Pro 12.9-inch is thicker than the 2020 model. The newer iPad Pro 12.9-inch is nearly 0.5mm thicker. The 6.4mm thickness of the new iPad Pro is due to the new integrated Mini LED display and other upgrades.

The new 11-inch iPad Pro of 2021 has the same dimension as the 2020 model. Therefore older Magic Keyboard cases will fit perfectly.

However, the 2021 Magic Keyboard case will be compatible with previous year models. That is, 2018 and 2020 iPad Pros users will be able to use the newer Magic Keyboard cases.

Wrapping Up

Nevertheless, it is pathetic for someone who already owns a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard wishes to upgrade now. They will be paying roughly $1,448 ( iPad Pro 12.9-inch at $1,099 and Magic Keyboard at $349). Think it over if you own a 2018 or 2020 iPad Pro 12.9-inch.

Anyway, if you know anything new about the 2021 iPad Pro, Comment below. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us, What you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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